Learn from mistakes, end year in sanity

A lot happened this year, keep it in mind as you move forward

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

We all know the commonly heard cliche: “Time flies when you’re having fun.” And when you’re in college, this saying can be relevant as hell. With that being said, here is a general semester reflection so you can see what we survived or were oblivious to.

The first day of this school year began with the moon lining up with the sun, thus casting Earth in a temporary shadow, and if this wasn’t a sign that the semester would be odd, I don’t know what else would be.

The school year may have begun with students convincing themselves that they had eye damage caused by an accidental look or two at the eclipse, but the drama does not stop there. Our semester has had its fair share of commotion with street signs being stolen, bomb threats, pleas for window safety, the list goes on.

Outside events had an impact on WSU, such as when President Kirk Schulz and other Washington university presidents declared their support for undocumented students. Additionally, there were many debates over freedom of speech and criticism of Schulz for not taking action against hate speech and discrimination.

On another note, WSU’s campus took a step toward a more welcoming environment with new gender-inclusive locker rooms and bathrooms in the Student Recreation Center and the Chinook Student Center.

Overall, our school is taking strides toward creating a more reverent and tolerant environment, but we should acknowledge something we have no control over: the weather.

Let’s not forget that we survived apocalypse-esque conditions this semester. Never before have I woken up to see a red sun in the sky and breathe in Earth’s hate fire. Additionally, snow has yet to make a significant appearance in this town. By the end of this year we may live on a ball of fire, but hey, at least we have sports.

Even the most oblivious onlooker can tell that WSU sports are one of the most cherished things at this school, and luckily for those of you who love a feeling of familiarity, WSU lost the Apple Cup. Again. During a semester full of commotion, it’s nice to see that some things just don’t change.

Aside from the events that occurred during this crazy term, it never hurts to do some self-reflecting. What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of? What was the most challenging part of this semester for you? What new memes did you discover and genuinely enjoy?

Winter break may bring relief, as many students just want to forget the past few months of school and move on to complete another semester, but maybe you shouldn’t do that.

Yes, when you go home it will be fun visiting friends and family, but before you know it, you’ll be back to school tackling stressful assignments with late nights and copious amounts of energy drinks. With that being said, you might as well learn from the mistakes you made this semester, so you can avoid them later and end the year with some sanity.

Lauren Ellenbecker is a sophomore studying communication from Anchorage, Alaska. She can be contacted at mint@dailyevergreen.com.