Behind the press: New Year’s resolutions

This year, some of the Evergreen staff made resolutions to help them stay focused in the new semester


TEVA MAYER | Daily Evergreen File

Evergreen staff

Madison Jackson, editor-in-chief

1. Share the importance of Student Media and journalism with as many people as possible by reporting on issues readers care about, writing editorial boards and advocating for the Evergreen’s mission of teaching students how to be professional journalists.

2. Make myself available to students and community members to answer questions, discuss concerns and hear their thoughts. In the same vein, meet with administrators to answer students’ questions and concerns at the source.

3. Spend as much time with fellow Evergreeners outside of the basement of Murrow and deadline. I hired these folks for a reason, and they’re some pretty awesome people.

Teva Mayer, managing editor

1. I’d really love to make more videos for the paper as well as develop my science communication writing.

2. Start a food writing beat in the paper.

3. Make dope, poster-worthy centerpiece layouts

Forrest Holt, news editor

I want to help a new group of reporters find their passion.

Rebecca White, assistant news editor

1. Spend more time just geeking out about cool journalism.

2. Start packing healthy dinners instead of blowing a large percentage of my paycheck on CUB food and the Taco Bell drive-thru.

3. File more public records requests and do several records based, well reported or maybe even investigative stories.

Gabriella Ramos, mint editor

1. Help the WSU and Pullman community understand the importance of student journalism and the public service we provide in covering on-campus news and organizations.

2. Pass on what I have learned about narrative journalism and reporting based on observation to the next generation of Evergreeners.

3. Expand coverage of WSU’s Greek culture in Mint by establishing a Greek reporter and improving relations between our communities.

4. Bring the sass by incorporating more culture-based stories in the Mint section.

Dylan Greene, sports editor

1. Avoid procrastination at school and work. I have the attention span of a 2 year old and wait until the last minute to do things. If I do things before they need to be done, I’ll have more free time and less stress.

2. Be more creative with the layout for the sports section and try new things to make the pages more attractive.

Jackson Ferderer, opinion editor

Have all of my writers tell me they’ve become a better writer by the end of the semester.

Abby Tutor, visuals editor

Build relationships with each photographer to help them grow in their skills and give them specific assignments where they can learn something from it.

Luke Hollister, assistant visuals editor

1. Become a master at balancing school, work and social life.

2. Experiment with new ideas in the newsroom more often.

Cody Cottier, reporter

1. Find the stories people want to hide, and bring them to light with thoroughness and accuracy.

2. Keep the Evergreen’s articles and columns clear, concise and free of errors.

Jessica Zhou, reporter

1. Incorporate more interactives and graphics in stories.

2. Spend time poring over government/public data to discover stories hiding in plain sight.

Anna Young, columnist

Keep learning Associated Press style even if Modern Language Association is the superior language format.