Sanctuary Yoga Studio to take over Daggy Hall

Space will have new use following cut of Performing Arts



Ryan Bishop and Clare Sullivan fake celebrate during a skit they played in the Nuthouse performance on Feb. 2 in Daggy Hall.

CARMEN JARAMILLO, Evergreen reporter

WSU announced Tuesday that starting Sept. 1, Wadleigh and Jones theaters will be leased to Sanctuary Yoga, Barre & Dance.

Sanctuary Yoga has operated downtown since 2014.

After WSU’s Performing Arts program was cut last year, questions remained about what, if anything, would happen to Daggy Hall and its two theaters, Wadleigh and Jones.

Sanctuary owner Judy Kolde said the studio frequently rented Wadleigh and Jones theaters from the university as a practice space for its competitive dance team as well as for seasonal performances and recitals.

However, when Performing Arts closed its doors, Kolde said Sanctuary would have had to find a new place for its performances. Instead, she approached the university about allowing her to lease the space.

With this change, student groups and community members will again be able to rent Wadleigh and Jones theaters.

“I definitely want to support the student groups who want to continue to lease out the space for their uses,” Kolde said, “and now they’ll just be working with me.”

She said she hopes to keep the cost of renting the space similar to what it was in the past, but that it may be slightly more expensive.

However, Kolde said she is looking into a matching funds program for registered student organizations who are seeking to rent spaces.

“I think it’s a win-win for everybody involved that this great facility will stay online here at Washington State,” Kolde said.

During Sanctuary’s lease, which runs until May 31, 2019, the university will be looking into other long-term options for the theater spaces, according to a WSU news release.