Residence halls continue to deal with increase in students

Leadership councils will have an increased budget due to extra residents.

KIRSI LUNDHAGEN, Evergreen reporter

With an unexpectedly large freshman class, some residence halls on the south side of campus are still dealing with overcrowding.

At a meeting on Aug. 28, Residential Education Director Dawn Albertson-Gass told the Orton leadership council they would need to deal with the pressing issue of Orton Hall’s overcrowded dorm rooms in the next few months.

Some students said they are noticing the effects of overcrowding.

“It was originally a building meant for undergraduate students, ages 19 and up,” said Ambre Fontana, a resident at Orton Hall. “[It] was supposed to be single rooms, but due to the increase of students this year they had to make floors seven to 11 double rooms.”

Orton’s leadership council has an increased budget because of the additional residents and may add amenities to accommodate for the extra students.

At Orton and Stephenson, resident advisors are dealing with overcrowded dorm rooms, said one student, whether it is a need for more washers and dryers or overcrowding on each floor.

“I haven’t seen much overcrowding in my building per se,” Cece Sayler, a resident in Stephenson East, said. “But I have heard that Stephenson South is super packed.”

REDs and RAs declined to comment on the subject due to not knowing what Housing and Residential Life’s stance is on the issue.