Is this the real Leach, is this just fantasy football?

Head coach discussed reputation of Pac-12 Conference in presser



WSU Head Coach Mike Leach runs out onto the field with his team before the game against University of Oregon on Saturday at Martin Stadium.

JOHN SPELLMAN, Evergreen reporter

Football Head Coach Mike Leach’s press conferences always have some interesting stories or ideas about certain topics. Monday’s press conference for Leach was no different, with the most interesting topics being about the Pac-12 North division and fantasy football.

The Pac-12 Conference has a reputation among some college football fans of being a weak conference for football. Despite this stereotype, the Pac-12 North division is the only division in all of college football with four teams in the Associated Press Top 25 rankings.

Leach had strong views on why the Pac-12 is underrated.

“I think part of it is in some conferences there is a clear-cut team to beat like an Alabama, LSU, or Clemson … Our conference doesn’t have that,” Leach said. “Everybody is wrapped up together so it’s usually a slugfest. I always say if you had a tournament between the teams at the bottom of our conference and any other conference, we would crush the other conference.”

On the topic of football tournaments, one form of football many people enjoy is fantasy football. However, one person who is not a part of the fantasy football craze is Leach himself.

“You know I don’t even know how to play fantasy football,” Leach said. “There are a ton of people into fantasy football. I have relatives who have never played any sports who are in the thick of fantasy football. Heck, I have old friends who are into fantasy football. Despite the fact that I know nothing about it, I think it is good because it brings people together, even though it is a subject I know nothing about.”

Luckily, he does not have to worry about fantasy football because he has had his hands full leading his football team to be ranked No. 14 in the country.