Pullman PD releases video of Broughton arrest

Footage appears to show officers attempting to put Broughton in neck hold as he tries to shows ID

IAN SMAY, Evergreen reporter

The Pullman Police Department has released footage from an officer-worn body camera and surveillance cameras showing the arrest of former WSU cornerback Treshon Broughton at Bob’s Corner Market on Feb. 18, 2017 that has led to a civil suit against the department.

The footage, which was originally obtained by Whitman County Watch, shows Broughton attempting to show Pullman PD officers Shane Emerson and Alex Gordon his ID before the officers begin pulling his arms behind his back.

Pullman PD Cmdr. Chris Tennant said the department can’t comment on the matter as it relates to an ongoing civil lawsuit, which Broughton filed against the department, the City of Pullman and both officers on Oct. 30.

The video, which Whitman County Watch flipped and synced body camera audio with due to the release being mirrored, appears to show Broughton approach the counter multiple times as officers arrive. During one of these visits, a cashier appears to ask Broughton about the money he used to pay for his merchandise.

Emerson then appears and walks to the counter as Broughton seems to search for something. As Broughton approaches the counter again, he can be heard on Emerson’s body cam asking if his girlfriend’s card had been left earlier in the evening. In response, the clerk says Broughton attempted to use a “fake 20” earlier as Emerson and a WSU Police Department cadet look on.

After this exchange, Emerson asks for Broughton’s ID.

“You have ID with you partner?” Emerson asks Broughton.

“Yeah, I got ID with me, it’s probably somewhere around here,” Broughton answers.

Emerson then tells Broughton he needs to see the ID, to which Broughton says, “You can see whatever, I don’t care.”

The video then shows Emerson reach for Broughton’s arm and tell him to put his hands behind his back. Broughton replies that he is reaching for his ID as Gordon enters the store. As Emerson attempts to force Broughton’s hands behind his back, Gordon begins to put an arm around Broughton’s neck.

A scuffle ensues as the two officers eventually bring Broughton to the ground, at which point the WSU cadet begins assisting. Broughton is told he is being arrested before Gordon tases him. An officer then tells him he is now under arrest for obstruction and resisting arrest as the WSU cadet holds his ankles and Emerson applies handcuffs.

Broughton alleges in the suit that his Fourth and 14th Amendment rights and multiple sections of the Washington State Constitution were violated. The lawsuit also accuses the two officers of using excessive force and falsifying police reports related to the arrest.

The charges against Broughton were dropped, and he claims they were “unfounded, lacked probable cause, were without factual support and based upon a deliberate misrepresentation of factual events,” according to court documents.

Below is the video from Whitman County Watch of the body cam footage from the officer and the surveillance footage inside Bob’s Corner Market on Feb. 18, 2017.

Whitman County Watch