Acreage for annexation modified, not yet approved

ISAAC SEMMLER, Evergreen reporter

A proposal to annex 224 acres of land just outside of Pullman city limits was withdrawn and rewritten to reduce the number to 160 acres.

In early November, a proposal was approved by Pullman City Council that would annex a sizeable portion of land south of town and affect Whitman County residents.

However, Donald and Shirley Quist, the authors of the proposal, decided to scale down the amount of land they wanted to annex. Their plan also requests the annexation be in a slightly different area of Pullman than previously proposed.

Pullman Planning Director Pete Dickinson said this new proposal will be more appealing to the planning commission and City Council.

“The owners withdrew their proposal early Tuesday morning and submitted a new one that appears to be more beneficial to the city,” he said. “We don’t have an official meeting set for this with City Council but we should have one by the end of November or early December.”

Despite a smaller proposal of land to annex, Dickinson said this will still provide significant opportunities for an extension once development occurs.

“This is still a large chunk of land, so the opportunities to expand and develop roads and neighborhoods are plentiful,” he said.

Dickinson said they still have to get their plan approved, so there is no official timetable when development would start.