‘Crimson Superman’

Minshew’s melody was created by Seattle Mariners PA announcer



Quarterback Gardner Minshew II smiles for photos after fans storm the field following the Cougars victory over Oregon on Oct. 20 at Martin Stadium.

ISAAC SEMMLER, Evergreen reporter

Minshew mania continues to sweep across WSU and much of the nation. With his strong season and stellar mustache taking the country by storm, Tom Hutyler wanted to write a song about the Cougars star quarterback Gardner Minshew II.

Hutyler, the PA announcer for the Seattle Mariners, has always had a passion for singing and songwriting and was encouraged by a friend, Rob Marshall, who is a die-hard Cougar fan and is involved in the Hilinski’s Hope Foundation.

“Rob turned to me to write a song about Minshew, he thought it was something that should be done and I thought this might be a fun idea too,” he said. “I worked on it off and on, but after the Arizona game, I knew this was something I should get done but had no idea it would get the kind of attention it’s been getting.”  

Hutyler has had a passion for singing since he was a kid, writing parodies for the most part. He even performs in Seattle pubs as a side job and hobby.

“This was my first original melody that I’ve ever written,” he said. “I have done a lot of parodies in my life including one about former Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth to the tune of the hit song ‘La Bamba’, but this song had more meaning.”

In just two days, his song has over 42,000 views on YouTube and 27,000 listens on SoundCloud. Hutyler said he wasn’t looking for recognition for creating the song but he’s glad people are enjoying it.

Hutyler received help from several local musicians in the Seattle area to create the song. He said they put a lot of thought into making this a catchy tune that tells a story about Minshew and his past.

“I have not personally met [Minshew],” he said, “but he has a great story and is gaining a lot of national attention so I felt like this would be something people would thoroughly enjoy. It was a pleasure to work on this.”

He said he doesn’t expect the song to be played around the WSU campus but it would be an honor if it did.

“Really after all the support I have received I just want to tell everyone thank you for sharing this and allowing this to spread around the state,” Hutyler said.