Pullman Transit update on community service routes

Positive feedback from riders, drivers includes shorter waiting time



Brad Rader, Pullman Transit operations supervisor, said they reduced waiting times from 45 to 35 minutes, but hopes to cut it down to 30 minutes in the next few years.

KAYE GILL, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Transit received feedback from bus drivers and riders about reduced wait times for community service routes including the Blue and Silver routes.

Changes in the waiting time took effect in August 2018, according to an Evergreen article.

Brad Rader, Pullman Transportation operations supervisor, said by adding a new route Pullman Transit reduced wait times for buses from 45 to 35 minutes by increasing the number of loops from 16 to 21.

“The feedback has been extremely positive,” Rader said, “especially with the added service that we put up on Brandi Way.”

Rader said they wanted to cut down the wait time to 30 minutes in the next few years.

“That’s what they were years ago when I first started here,” he said. “Then they went to 45 minutes, which was too long, then when I moved into management, we decided to cut that back down to 35.”

John Shaheen, director of WSU Transportation Services, said Pullman Transit tries to act on feedback they receive from bus drivers and riders, as well as looking for ways to improve rider satisfaction.

“They don’t sit on their hands,” Shaheen said. “They are not satisfied with the status quo if they can make improvements. That’s what I really appreciate about them.”