Indulge yourself with friends for Palentine’s

Put on a fun, friendly party for Valentine’s Day; enjoy a dinner out, movie marathon with pals



Spend time with your best pals this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy being single and treat yourself with decorations, dinner and movies.

MILA WIDMAYER, Evergreen columnist

As the infamous holiday approaches at rapid speed, it’s hard to believe we’re over a month into 2019. While it seems like New Year’s Eve was just yesterday, there’s already another holiday to celebrate with our loved ones, or for the single people, our friends.

Valentine’s Day is often made out to be the Hallmark tradition for proclaiming love from the rooftops, but who says you can’t do the same for your pals?

This is where the tradition of Palentine’s Day comes into play.

“I did Palentine’s Day a lot in high school,” said Kaylee Tresness, a freshman business marketing major. “My friends and I would get together and we would just watch horror movies all night.”

If you are single this month, there’s no reason to sulk about it. Chances are, most people are in the exact same position as you, looking for fun people to pass the time with.

In high school, my friends decided to take it upon themselves to host one of these Palentine’s day events at my house. We went to the nearest grocery store and got everything from red and white streamers to bottles of rose. When everything was finally set up — complete with a pink velvet wall and balloons to take photos with — we spent the day taking photos and drinking out of plastic champagne flutes watching cheesy romantic comedies.

There are many ways to turn this Valentine’s day into a memorable event with friends. If you have some cash to spend, try heading over to Zoe Coffee and Kitchen for lattes earlier in the day, or Porch Light Pizza for that early evening dinner ambiance. There are a barrage of new movies at the Village Centre Cinemas, with “Isn’t It Romantic” premiering as the rom-com to watch this weekend.

For the broke college students, just looking to pass the day without feeling miserable, load up Netflix, get the snacks ready and have a full-on PJ movie marathon. There’s nothing better than being cozy with your best friends, making fun of low-brow comedy to relax the day away.

However you choose to spend this Valentine’s Day weekend, don’t forget to check up on your single friends and make sure they haven’t sent themselves into a chocolate coma.