Study finds people willing to use more sustainable energy

From staff reports

From staff reports

WSU researchers conducted a survey that found many Americans are open to using more renewable energy and fewer fossil fuels, regardless of their political beliefs.

WSU assistant professor of sociology Emily Kennedy, one of the researchers, said the survey did not yield enough results to be an accurate representation of the population, but that it would lay the groundwork for future studies.

“The idea of conservatives not supporting alternative energy and liberals do no longer matters,” she said. “Both sides are realizing that we need to find ways to step away from carbon-based energy and move toward more renewable sources.”

According to the study, if more Americans realized how much fossil fuel they used, they would make adjustments to their energy use and sources.

“If someone found out that they are using about 30 percent renewable energy during the day but 100 percent of coal energy at night,” the study states, “then they would change how they use their power.”

Kennedy said Americans are leaning more toward renewable energy, and that technology is smoothing the transition. She said they made a list of smart-home devices that help increase energy efficiency, including some that use renewable energy to power homes.

“We are developing an app that would give people options on how to power their homes,” she said. “New communication technologies and advancements in renewable resources makes it easier and more accessible to people.”

The app that they are developing is designed to help program appliances to run when there are more renewable energy sources on the power grid.

Reporting by Rick Flores