Moscow woman stabbed, reportedly at College Hill party

CODY COTTIER, Evergreen reporter

An 18-year-old Moscow woman was treated at Pullman Regional Hospital on Thursday night for an abdominal stab wound that she reportedly received from another woman at a house party on College Hill.

Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant said the hospital called police at about 9 p.m., and the woman told them she made fun of another woman’s hair, after which the woman stabbed her. She received stitches for her non-life-threatening injury and was released.

Officers responded to the address the woman gave for the house party, but no one was home. They went door to door and found no evidence of a party, and police say they did not notice any parties on College Hill on Thursday night.

Tennant said the woman and her boyfriend, a 26-year-old Pullman man who drove her to the hospital, gave significantly different accounts of the event.

“I’m not calling them liars,” Tennant said, but police have so far been unable to corroborate their stories beyond the fact that the woman received a stab wound. “They were that drastic,” he said of the discrepancies.

Detectives are investigating the case.