Letter from the Mint editor: A fresh insight

LATISHA JENSEN, Evergreen life editor

After writing for the Life section for over a year, and now being the fall Life editor, I never saw myself taking over as Mint editor – but here I am: Jennifer Ladwig’s temporary and hopeful replacement as she ventures off to Greece.

I’m honored, and, to be honest, slightly nervous. But as I dive headfirst into Mint, the section that gave me life each week this past semester, I realize the potential that Pullman’s summer has for experimentation.

Spending summer in already small-town Pullman may sound like boredom at its finest, but I’m looking forward to unearthing and exploring Pullman’s hottest spots and coolest people and piecing them together in our weekly edition. I’m also excited for my first summer on the Palouse, following our haunting past, also known as winter.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would rather sweat while wearing shorts and a tank than sweat while wearing multiple layers because it’s negative-five degrees outside; I had to walk up three flights of stairs wearing these layers while the heater was cranked to 80 degrees – yeah, hard pass.

So, as I add my own twist to the Mint section for the time being, I hope it brings a smile or two and encourages you to go do something you’re glad to have experienced in Pullman’s 90-degree weather. I promise to work on my wit and sass to maintain the free spirit of Mint.