Events honor worldwide women’s week

Fashion acts as a medium to celebrate women across the globe in exhibits, shows, workshops on campus



Lindsay McCoy, apparel, merchandising, design and textiles graduate student, dressed up for International Women’s Week Social on Tuesday.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen reporter

International Programs and the Women*s Center present International Women’s Week on campus this week with the help of several on- and off-campus organizations.

The week celebrates women’s accomplishments and significance through fashion trends and pieces.

“We want people to realize that it’s International Women’s Week and that it’s special and celebrated all over the world,” said Pamela Duran, International Women’s Week committee chair. “It’s a chance for people to learn more about women’s positions in the world and what they do. It gives everybody a chance to celebrate women.”

The celebrations began Monday and will continue throughout the week leading up to International Women’s Day on Friday. The overarching theme is facets of fashion, which includes how we present ourselves through fashion, the cultural differences of fashion and how fashion can result in pain, Duran said.

“We still face issues of discrimination and unequal treatment in employment or politics,” said Lindsay McCoy, graduate apparel, merchandising, design and textiles student. “These events highlight the issues as well as recognize how far we’ve come because if you don’t, it’s hard to see progress.”

The “Facets of Fashion” art exhibit opened on Monday in the SEB Gallery and will remain open throughout the month of March. The exhibit explores fashion through the lenses of art, culture and pain.

“The Threads That Bind Us” fashion exhibit also opened Monday in the Holland and Terrell Libraries and will be open for the first two weeks of March. It features classic fashion pieces and describes how the context of fashion changes over time.

“The Faces We Show” art exhibit opened on Monday in the Women*s Center and will remain on display throughout March. Organizers will hold an opening reception Friday in celebration of International Women’s Day. This exhibit features local and student artists.

“In previous years, it all seemed very much about telling people about the oppression of women,” Duran said. “We wanted to be light and positive this year. Fashion is global, and it has meaning. It’s beautiful and uplifting and connects everyone in one way or another.”

The International Women’s Week Social allowed for students to be a part of conversations about fashion and honoring women yesterday. Several students and faculty dressed in cultural and historical outfits. McCoy dressed in a 1920s flapper-inspired look with a pearl necklace and “Betty Boop lips,” she said.

“I do enjoy getting to see all the costumes, but it’s most important to see we’re all on the same page on the same issues,” McCoy said. “I enjoy seeing a large diverse group of women from different areas of the world in diverse dress from multiple cultures being able to agree on some universal ideas about equality and treatment.”

Starting yesterday and continuing throughout the week, volunteers will table in the CUB to help students celebrate International Women’s Week. Students will have the opportunity to recognize an inspiring woman in their lives by putting her name on a paper tree and describing what they think it means to be a woman.

The International Students’ Council will present the Fashion as Culture Showcase from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today in the Holland Terrell Library Atrium. The showcase will include cultural fashion pieces owned by WSU students.

The International Center and Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse will present the Fashion as Identity Coffee Hour on Friday to discuss the intersections between identity and fashion. The film “Clueless” will be shown to close out the week on a light note including fashion and empowering women.