Frias-Gomez , Naputo react to election results

Frias-Gomez, Naputo were less than 300 votes behind other campaign



Candidates Mariela Frias-Gomez and Camille Naputo react to election results on Wednesday in the Northside commons.

KAYE GILL, Evergreen reporter

Mariela Frias-Gomez and Camille Naputo ran on the slogan “IMAGINE” for their 2019 ASWSU campaign.

They gathered with friends and supporters Wednesday evening to await election results at the Northside Residence Hall.

With just over 2000 votes, Frias-Gomez and Naputo’s campaign did not earn enough to surpass the Berkompas and Prescott campaign.

They earned 47.7 percent of votes cast, according to the official election results. The Berkompas-Prescott campaign earned 53.2 percent. 

“Let’s just say when there are candidates like Mariela and Camille that come along, a lot of the time, things don’t go the way we want,” Harald Hyllseth, 2018 candidate for ASWSU president said.

Malvin Malai Harrison, a supporter, said he supported Frias-Gomez and Naputo’s campaign because they are compassionate and care about the WSU community.

“Really getting to know her on all different sides, as a leader, as a friend, as someone who is truly passionate about her own culture as well,” Harrison said about Frias-Gomez. “She’s just so well-rounded.”

Hyllseth said that he has not seen a ticket running for ASWSU like Frias-Gomez and Naputo in a long time. He said their combined experience is unmatched and they would be very prepared to take on the role of president and vice president.

“I have not seen someone run for ASWSU president or vice president with as much intersectional and incredible caring over assumed work, having been done before running and utilizing those connections to bring together the campus,” Hyllseth said.

Naputo gave a concession speech to the crowd of supporters.

“This has definitely been a very long, emotional, draining, exhausting campaign trail,” she said. “But honestly without all of your help in this room in even the smallest ways, we are so inspired by all of you for giving your time and dedicating all of your efforts to helping us.”

Naputo said that they tried everything they could and did their best. She said that they could not have gotten as far as they did without the help of their supporters.

“It’s not a pity party, so smile,” Naputo said.