Committee finalizes Student Technology Fee proposals

President, Board of Regents will examine $800,000 proposals



The WSU Technology Fee Committee discusses how much to spend on funding proposals from various university groups during the meeting on Thursday at the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education. The funding for the groups was decided on by the committee, but the budget still has yet to be voted on by the senate, WSU president Kirk Schulz, and then finally by the Board of Regents in early May for the final vote.

KAYE GILL, Evergreen reporter

The WSU Technology Fee Committee presented funding suggestions from requests given by a number of groups over the week.

The first step in funding projects is for the committee to approve where they think they should allocate funds to.

The committee will take the budget to the ASWSU Senate for approval, then if approved, to WSU President Kirk Schulz. If Schulz approves, the Board of Regents will approve the final budget.

The committee proposed full funding for the following requests:

  • $45,143 for updating technological equipment for the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • $12,000 for Amazon WorkSpaces, a cloud desktop service, for the department of crop and soil sciences
  • $43,388 for computer updates to the Avery Microcomputer Lab for the department of English
  • $71,281 for renovations to Kimbrough Concert Hall for the school of music
  • $23,000 to update a projector in room 202 in McCoy Hall for the college of veterinary medicine
  • $37,219 for 12 PC consoles for student use for WSU Esports club
  • $13,454 for robot submarines for the Palouse Robosub club
  • $157,134 for new equipment for hands-on art projects for the Academic Outreach and Innovation Creative Corridor
  • $71,894 to build a recording studio for the WSU Libraries’ Dimensions Lab

The committee proposed partial funding for the following requests:

  • $180,000 of the $273,995 requested for ubiquitous internet connection in Sloan Hall for the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
  • $15,604 out of the $21,844 request for wireless internet in the Jewett Observatory for the physics and astronomy department
  • $6,000 of a $19,812 request for a student collaborative space in room 32 of Sloan Hall for Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
  • $180,000 out of the $260,000 requested by CougPrints, with the provision that $160,000 will be allocated for printing, $5,000 for marketing and $15,000 for student printing fees

The committee proposed a sum of $856,117 to be spent for all of the proposals.