Local pot: Where to find it and what to try

A selection of weed strains on display at Satori.

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

Ever since Washington voters legalized the adult recreational use of marijuana, weed shops have emerged throughout the state, with Pullman being one of the herb-welcoming communities.

For Pullman herbivores, there are plenty of places to get desired doses of dope: Satori, MJ’s and We’re Just Buds.

Satori’s name is derived from a Buddhist term for an awakening or sudden enlightenment and is also an accurate depiction of their mission statement. Originally established in Spokane in 2014, Satori was created out of owner Justin Wilson’s passion for all things cannabis. Wilson also wanted to educate individuals about the benefits of marijuana use.

Ronee Nemechek, store and purchasing manager at the Pullman location Satori, said the staff is dedicated to changing the stereotypes and stigmas affiliated with cannabis consumption. Those who work at Satori make sure the customers have a great experience when shopping in the store because they want it to continue to be a safe and informative environment, Nemechek said.

Satori is affiliated with more than 40 growers and producers, all of which originate in the Northwest. To ensure their herb variety is up to standard, Satori employees receive samples from growers to validate that all things in the store are products people would actually enjoy consuming, Nemechek said. In addition to this, items that customers recommend are also considered for integration into Satori’s inventory.

“If we’re digging it, smoking it and loving it, we’ll sell it,” she said.

This shop sells flowers, concentrates, edibles and pre-rolls. The most popular product in Satori tends to be dabs, concentrated doses of cannabis, among other strains of cannabis, such as Jesus or Kosher Kush, Nemechek said.

Satori also has deals on their products that change seasonally. Some of the deals include Sunday Funday, deals all day long; Munchie Monday, deals on edibles; Phat Tuesday, a sale on Phat Panda and Sticky Frog products; and Weed Smoke It Wednesday, discounts on budtender picks.

In addition to their weekly deals, Satori also has a week’s worth of plans to celebrate April 20. At the beginning of the 420 week, vendors came to talk to customers, and the shop has continued to create special deals on edibles, oils and other cannabis related product throughout the week, Nemechek said.

However, Satori isn’t the only dispensary in town that offers a wide variety of herb and 420 deals.

WILLIAM ZIEHL III | The Daily Evergreen
Aaron, an official bud tester at MJ’s, helps a customer on Wednesday inside of the shop.

MJ’s Pot Shop, founded in 2014, was the first marijuana store to open in Pullman. According to manager Joyce Lyon, MJ’s has an extensive menu of sativa, indica, CBD (cannabidiol), joints, concentrates, shake (loose leaf and bud bits) and edibles.

When determining what herb to sell, MJ’s looks for cannabis that is affordable for customers and has a good THC level, Joyce said. Similarly to Satori, MJ’s also carries a wide variety of products from local growers and producers in Washington, such as Noble Farms, Lazy Bee Gardens and Evergreen Herbal, she said.

Every day, MJ’s features a Strain of the Day, meaning a certain strain of cannabis is sold for 10 percent off. The shop will provide additional deals on April 20, Lyon said.

For 420, MJ’s will celebrate by selling ounces under $100, holding a super sale on bud and selling cheap joints, Lyon said. Sales will continue throughout the weekend while supplies last.

Tyle Overton works the front desk at We’re Just Buds on Wednesday.

In addition to Satori and MJ’s, We’re Just Buds (WJB), open since 2015, strives to bring the best products at the lowest prices to consumers.

According to WJB manager Tim Kuhl, as a smaller cannabis retail store compared to Satori and MJ’s, the staff strives to give its customers the best experience possible and make sure to educate them in the process.

As one of the “small guys,” WJB believes it’s important to support other small businesses, such as local Palouse growers and producers, Kuhl said.

When vendors bring in their herb samples, the WJB staff reviews the product to determine how appealing the flavor, smell and high will be for Pullman customers. Depending on the staff’s feedback, WJB will either sell the vendor’s cannabis in the shop or give the vendors feedback regarding what could be better, Kuhl said.

WJB’s products include flower, joints, concentrates, vapors, edibles and topicals. There are always daily specials, such as Monday Munch Days, Top Shelf Tuesdays and Waxy Wednesdays. These daily specials typically offer around 10-percent discounts on WJB products, he said.

The shop deals for 420 feature discounts on Star Leaf bud, Palouse Peach shake, Good Earth shatter and Rocket Conez pre-rolls, according to the shop’s menu.

Whether you prefer kush, dabs or edibles, the Pullman cannabis community is here to support and educate those who are willing to come in and say “high.”