Plant science building to be finished next summer



Construction progress is seen on WSU’s four-story plant sciences building, which is expected to be completed by June 2020.

CAMERON SHEPPARD, Evergreen reporter

Construction of the new plant science building, within the V. Lane Rawlins Research and Education Complex, is now expected to be constructed in May 2020 after a six-month delay and $7 million budget cut, said project manager Jason Baerlocher.

The project was originally under a $66 million budget and projected to finish by January 2020.

Baerlocher said the four-story building will not connect to Johnson Hall via sky bridge, as originally included in the building plan. However, it will connect to the adjacent Biotechnology/Life Sciences Building.

Poor weather conditions also caused a slowdown on the project, Baerlocher said. Below freezing temperatures over a few weeks prevented concrete from being poured.

He also said that due to budget cuts, some spaces in the building will be left unfinished.

Baerlocher said the projected May 2020 completion date is for “substantial completion” of the structure. This does not include the move-in and furnishing of the building.