Parking passes on sale now

KURIA POUNDS, Evergreen reporter

Parking permit renewals and sales for the 2019-20 school year are available for current permit holders who will not live in the residence halls.

Purchases can be made online from April 16 to May 15, said Cody Wilson, WSU Transportation Services customer service manager.

He said these renewals are specifically for faculty and students who do not live in the residence halls now.

“That’s for all commuters, so faculty, staff and students,” Wilson said.

He said prices for the different color sections are available to the same audiences for next year, but they will be increased.

“What they are renewing are prices for next year,” Wilson said. “The permit prices are 3.1 percent higher than last year.”

He said current residence hall students are not eligible for permit renewals right now. Students can renew their permit in the fall, which is separate from the current application.

“If they are currently living in the residence hall, the only permits they would’ve been eligible to have are crimson, gray or blue,” Wilson said.

He said students can file and apply for their permits, and they will get more options to park, since they are not residents of a hall.