Business senior pursues teaching position in underserved area

Soon-to-be graduate will use experience with community service to help her succeed in South Carolina



Hailey Modin, senior majoring in entrepreneurship, speaks of her time as a peer mentor for the Center for Civic Engagement and her plans to move to North Carolina to be a middle school math teacher as a part of Teach for America on Tuesday morning in the CUB.

ELAYNE RODRIGUEZ, Evergreen reporter

A Carson College of Business student awaits graduation at WSU so she can begin a new life in South Carolina.

Hailey Modin, senior business entrepreneurship major, said she will move to Charlotte, North Carolina to work as a member for the Teach For America Corporation.

Hailey said the corporation is an organization that places college graduates in underprivileged schools. She said the corporation believes every child should have the opportunity to receive an education.

“I will be a middle school math teacher in the [Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools] school district,” she said. “I will start my training in May and start August as a teacher.”

Hailey said she will also attend graduate school full-time. In the future, she hopes to work for a school district administration.

Hailey said she was a resident adviser, apartment coordinator and a Center for Civic Engagement peer mentor for the past three years.

“It has been really fun to learn more about service and participate in service in our community,” she said.

Meg Autrey, associate director for Housing and Residence Life, said Hailey has dedicated herself to assist others with their personal academics, alongside her own.

“She [does] whatever she can to help the people in her community, and the other students that she works with. Being successful is inherently a part of who she is,” Autrey said.

Hailey said she appreciated building healthy relationships with community members, university staff and peers.

She said there is a lot growth that happens during college, especially when relationships evolve and one receives support from others.

The most difficult part was finding a balance between what is best for herself and for others, Hailey said.

“One of the challenging moments was when I had to say ‘no’ to different things that you really want to [do],” she said.

She said the biggest part about her entrepreneurship major was building a strong network of support, like resources.

Hailey said the challenging aspect in the major was brainstorming creative ideas for a product or service.

“It is not something you can Google,” Hailey said.

Autrey said Hailey strives to become a better individual and developed an effective personal communication process as an apartment coordinator.

Hailey created a standard email response system for her community, a schedule tracking system and shared the method to the Housing and Residence Life team, she said.

Networking, writing professionally and having strong conversations was a learning experience that will be helpful to utilize in the real world.

She said it is important to be grateful for the people around you, and it will go a long way.

“I definitely would encourage anyone to keep a positive attitude. It makes a really big difference,” Hailey said. “Keeping relationships as a priority.”