‘Espresso’ (and caffeinate) yourself at the Daily Grind


KYLE TUCKER | The Daily Evergreen

Customers wait in line to order on Saturday at the Daily Grind, a coffee shop located on Main Street in downtown Pullman.

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

For those on a java hunt, the WSU campus is loaded with options to get your caffeine fix. However, these “fast-food” like coffee stands may not deliver what you are hoping to find concerning a certain atmosphere or level of comfort.

In this case, downtown Pullman is loaded with numerous coffee shops, each with a unique style and different commodities.

You might see the Daily Grind’s name throughout town across billboards on their coffee huts, but at the epicenter of it all lives a coffee house where people can sit and chat.

This coffee shop’s atmosphere is complimented with various music genres, laughs from baristas and customers, rustic furniture and the familiar smell of coffee.

The Daily Grind offers your regular espresso-based drinks and brewed coffee, but the rest of their products are not that common in other cafes. Among the several caffeine options are colorful arrays of candy and Cascade Glacier Ice Cream.

Originally, Cascade Glacier Ice Cream was sold at Lick’s – a shop right next to the Daily Grind, but Lick’s was eventually integrated into the coffee shop itself. Soon after, the Daily Grind’s kitchen filled in the empty space, allowing the shop to also create tasty sandwiches.

Although this place is a hotspot for college students to study, Daily Grind offers other products to customers of all age groups, such as older folks and children.

With the fluctuating crowd, this coffee shop can be seen as a sanctuary where no one will judge you for releasing your inner child.

Joshua Torell, a barista at the Daily Grind, says that working with coffee can be the greatest because you never get tired. However, when it all comes down to the customers, he says that having regulars is the highlight of being a barista.

“These are super nice people,” Torell said. “Groups tend to unravel the more you get to know them and that’s special.”

It may be hard to keep up with all of the news faces, but the flow of regulars makes the job more interesting for the Daily Grind baristas.

Carlie Buckmeier, another barista at Daily Grind, stressed the importance of remembering regulars, because it creates a special bond between the employees and customers.

“We all want to make people happy and comfortable to come back,” Buckmeier said. “When it comes down to it, the customer is always right.”

The Daily Grind is also involved in the community in numerous ways.

The coffee shop hosts events that anyone can participate in, such as an open mic and swing dance night. In addition, the Daily Grind decorates the walls with photographs and paintings that are sold on behalf of artists – with all profits from sales going to the artist.

In this joyful atmosphere with vibes and supplies for everyone, visit if you have a latte problems or you just want to see how brew-tiful it is.