Single and don’t care to mingle


Lauren Klemp, a University of Idaho senior studying business and psychology, makes coffee while on shift at Café Moro on Feb. 6.

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, couples are joyfully anticipating this day of love and celebration. On the other hand, some partner-less individuals remain single and are not sure what to do for those drawn-out 24 hours of cheesy, lovey-dovey affection from everyone around them.

For the people who are loving the single life and still want to participate in Raised Expectations Day, this column is specifically for you.

Let’s be honest, being single on Feb. 14 is the greatest thing ever because of the sense of freedom it generates. You are allowed to be selfish and do whatever you want. Even though excessively indulging yourself may be a well-developed habit by now, this day is exclusively reserved for “treating yo’ self.”

For all of the single men and women out there, the previously mentioned rule is essential for having a great time; be sure to completely embrace it.

For example, this can include having a threesome with your favorite dynamic duo: Ben and Jerry; buying an expensive dinner for yourself; or throwing the next Singles-Only Project X.

However, if you crave to be social without throwing a massive shindig or spending an excessive amount of money on food, Café Moro – a personal favorite – may be the perfect place to “treat yo’ self.”

Tyson Feasel, owner and operator of Café Moro, said his coffee shop isn’t necessarily a Valentine’s Day destination, but it is a great place to get some delicious sustenance for your soul. His recommendation for singles on Valentine’s Day is a breve hot chocolate, complimented with one of many scone or muffin options from the café – or just carbs in general.

In addition to this, Feasel has another solid recommendation for what a single person should do on this special day.

“Don’t go anywhere that is a Valentine’s Day destination,” he said.

This lovely mindset can even be found in one of their seasonal beverages: the Love Stinks coffee – a brew with hints of clementine, cherry and honey. Lauren Klemp, a barista at Café Moro, suggests pairing Love Stinks with a blueberry lemon scone to get the best-tasting experience possible – so “treat yo’ self” and check it out.

If you would prefer to have a discreet and private last-minute date, listen up. This date is especially flexible when it comes to finding something to do (insert wink and nudge here) and is more reliable than any person you have ever dated before. Who is this seemingly mysterious, tall, dark and handsome hunk? You guessed it: Netflix.

Watch some good ol’ classics such as Good Burger, White Chicks or Clueless. If you still need convincing that being single is glorious, watch Forensic Files and be happy that you don’t have a murderous boyfriend or girlfriend.

Remember – there is no reason for single people to dread Valentine’s Day. The reality is, couples probably dread it the most due to the difficulty of impressing their significant other. And if they accomplish this mission, the bar is raised even higher the following year.

Don’t fret the fact that you aren’t in a relationship. Instead, make this Single’s Awareness Day a fun and memorable one.

Lauren Ellenbecker is a freshman studying communication from Anchorage, Alaska. She can be contacted at