Coffee shop introduces inclusive game night

Pups & Cups Cafe has first event of LGBTQ+ series, will continue to host



Lindsay Whitten describes how game nights have impacted the community and the reasoning behind starting them last Thursday afternoon at Pups and Cups.

CAROLYNN CLAREY, Evergreen reporter and photojournalist

Pups & Cups Cafe, Pullman’s local pet-friendly coffee shop, hosted its first-ever LGBTQ+ game night on Thursday, and it was filled with fun and games.

Pups & Cups regularly hosts game nights on Wednesdays from 5-8 p.m., with the exception being last Thursday. Game nights usually have averaged between three and 15 people, fewer during the summertime and more when school picks up.

Pups & Cups is heavily involved in both the Pullman and LGBTQ+ communities, from locally sourcing its coffee, tea, wine and brews from the Pullman area to being at Pride events regularly as a vendor, Witten said.

Pups & Cups provide a variety of games including Monopoly, Mad Gab, Scrabble and Uno. Patrons are also encouraged to bring as many of their own favorite games as they wish. The owners decided to start a game night to better connect with the community and expose patrons to local businesses and new people.

Lindsey Whitten, barista at Pups & Cups, said she experienced this firsthand.

“It forces me to get even more out of my shell and talk to a bunch of people,” Whitten said.

But the main attraction at Pups & Cups must be the animals. Regular pups, like Whitten’s 4-year-old dachshund Coco, is often found running around the shop, giving patrons their much-needed animal connection after a long time away from home.

Morgan Manwill, freshman at WSU and Pups & Cups regular, was attracted to the small coffee shop because of the animal aspect.

“Since I moved to Pullman, I come in here for my dog fix,” Manwill said.

The patrons come for their animal fix and the pets are more than willing to supply. Some of the animals lounge around the shop while others are energetic trying to play with customers and other pets.

Customers are told that any animal is welcome. One customer asked if they could bring their horse.

“If it can fit through the door, sure,” Whitten said.

Editor’s note: This article was corrected on Wednesday, September 4 to correct the date listed for the event.