Airport Road closed as part of realignment project

New water tunnel causes road closure, traffic detour



Construction on the new water tunnel will most likely last seven days, at which point detours from Airport Road will no longer be needed said Clayton Forsmann, Pullman’s deputy public works director.

BENJAMIN WHITE, Evergreen reporter

Airport Road will be subject to a week-long traffic detour beginning Friday, a city official said.

Both lanes of traffic on the road will be closed due to construction of a box culvert, said Clayton Forsmann, Pullman deputy public works director.

A box culvert is a concrete tunnel that runs under roads to allow waterways to pass from one side of the road to another.

He said construction is expected to last seven days. Once the box culvert is completed the detour will no longer be needed.

Both lanes of traffic will be directed through a detour around the area of construction, and then back onto the road, Forsmann said.

The construction of the box culvert is part of the airport realignment project, he said.