New Washington driver’s license

From staff reports

The Washington Department of Licensing announced that a new driver’s license is being issued on Monday, according to a Department of Licensing news release.

The new license features enhanced security measures that protect against identity theft and fraud. The license will also have some aesthetic changes, with new choices for header colors, according to the news release.

The mountain featured on the old licenses will now be a photo rather than an illustration, according to the news release.

Temporary licenses are also getting an update. Instead of the current wallet-size temporary license, the new one will be a full letter-size sheet of paper and will not have a picture of the driver. The reason for this is to further reduce the chances of fraud, according to the news release.

For citizens that have what is now considered an old license, there is no need to rush out and get a new one, unless you need a replacement. The old ones are still good until the expiration date on the license, according to the news release.

Reporting by Danny Lochridge