Judicial Board rules ASWSU presidential candidate violated election bylaw

From staff reports

The ASWSU Judicial Board unanimously ruled that presidential candidate Zachary Anders was in violation of the ASWSU bylaws for changing his personal Twitter account to function as his official campaign account on Feb. 10.

This was in violation of ASWSU bylaw 610.08, Chief Justice Eden Kelshaw said at Wednesday’s Senate meeting.

“Changing his personal account to perform the function of an official campaign account would lead a reasonable person to believe that the Twitter account in question was indeed an official campaign Twitter,” Kelshaw said.

A letter of reprimand has been issued to the Anders-Amos campaign. However, at this time there will be no fine or suspension of their campaign, Kelshaw said.

The board deliberated on this allegation, filed by Sen. Savannah Rogers, in the first of the two hearings held Tuesday.

Anders’s opponent, Jordan Frost, filed the other allegation regarding one of Anders’s tweets possibly defaming Frost’s campaign. This violation was discussed during the second hearing held Tuesday. The board has not yet ruled on this case.

Anders had no further comment regarding the case.

Reporting by Sarah Olsen