Letter from the editor: Mint is getting creative



Sydney Brown started at The Daily Evergreen as a Life reporter, but she’s ready to try her hand as Mint editor. The rest of the semester will feature more creative pieces.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

This is the third letter of this nature that I have written, so I will keep this one short.

I started as a Life reporter for The Daily Evergreen, but I always loved the loose feeling of Mint. It seemed a place to go for more creative nonfiction. As someone whose love of writing came in the form of creative fiction and poetry, I think this shift could help Mint expand its potential.

At least until the end of the semester, we’re doing just that. Mint will accept written works from you, or someone you know, to possibly get your creative works published in the Evergreen. Send your submissions to [email protected] or, if you’re more traditional, to 122 Murrow Hall on campus.

I will accept any entries — poetry, short stories, personal essays and anything inbetween. If yours is chosen to publish, I will send you an email (or however you chose to contact us) that explains the rest of the process. We will need some information for your byline and author biography and may have to edit the piece for style or spelling errors.

We, as a student newspaper, have an irresistible opportunity here to showcase student voices.

Also, Mint and Life have spent most of their lives stepping on each other’s toes. As an arts and culture section, Mint was supposed to cover musical events and campus events. As the community and involvement section, Life would cover campus clubs and businesses. Do you see the issue here? As the former Life editor, I can say it’s been a hard line to walk to the point where our own advisers here think it’s best to merge Mint and Life.

Instead of that, I think we can give this section the revamp it needs, and what better time to do that than in the middle of the semester … right? Send us your voices, your stories. We are ready to listen.