WSU club holds climate roundtable discussion

Students deliberate effects of climate on health, economy



Dominique Burgess, human development student, and Echo Hahn, environmental science student, discussed sustainability at a roundtable discussion Wednesday evening at the CUB Junior Ballroom.

KHADIJAH BUTLER, Evergreen reporter

The International Development Club celebrated United Nations Day by holding a roundtable discussion Wednesday night to cover topics relating to climate change.

About 48 students conversed about topics such as climate refugees, human health issues related to climate and the economic effects of climate.

Many students said water scarcity in Pullman and surrounding areas is not addressed with enough depth.

Joseph Ponti, president of the International Development Club, said that if students are educated on climate change, they will be able to talk to their family and friends about the effects of it.

“Education is paramount for this topic,” Ponti said.

The discussion groups mentioned that students can affect change by getting involved in different opportunities such as the Sustainable Development Goals through The United Nations Association of the United States of America.

Echo Hahn, environmental science major, said it was interesting to hear everyone’s point of view in an open environment. They have studied environment and climate extensively in classes, but a discussion offers something more than a book can, which is human perspective.

Dominique Burgess, human development major, said she was able to discuss topics she had no previous knowledge about.

“The environment was very open, and we valued each other’s opinions,” she said.