Jill McCluskey addresses campus safety

Over 30 universities in U.S. adopt Lauren’s Promise into syllabi



Jill McCluskey, WSU School of Economic Sciences director, speaks at the GPSA meting about the passing of her daughter and the importance of Lauren’s Promise on Monday evening in the CUB.

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen roots editor

Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Lauren McCluskey’s death. Jill McCluskey, Lauren’s mother and WSU School of Economic Sciences director, spoke to GPSA senators about Lauren’s Promise on Monday night.

“I will listen and believe you if someone is threatening you,” is stated as part of Lauren’s Promise.

Lauren McCluskey, late 21-year-old University of Utah student and former Pullman High School track athlete, was killed last year by a man she had dated.

Over 30 universities in the U.S. have adopted Lauren’s Promise into university syllabi, Jill McCluskey said.

The promise provides students with resources if they experience domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. WSU police officers will treat victims with respect and provide confidentiality, Jill McCluskey said.

She is working to have more WSU professors implement Lauren’s Promise into their syllabi, Jill McCluskey said.

“With this promise, we can all make sure that this never happens again,” she said.

Jill McCluskey said she received an email from a WSU professor saying that he put Lauren’s Promise on their syllabus. A student came to him and referred to the promise asking for help and resources.

“Already one person has been saved,” she said. “We can all do something now.”

University of Utah President Ruth Watkins designated October as SafeU month to promote campus safety. Students expressed concerns over the university’s accountability and transparency in a protest declaration, demanding to sit down with Watkins, according to a report from ABC 4 Utah.

The declaration stated, “We the students of the University of Utah, have watched as our campus leadership has continually failed to take accountability for the faults leading to numerous horrendous tragedies.”

University of Utah students staged a campus-wide walkout Monday afternoon, marking one year since Lauren’s death, according to the report.

GPSA senators discussed concerns with campus safety pertaining to WSU.

One senator asked for Jill McCluskey’s thoughts about the mistrial of former Pullman Police Sgt. Dan Hargraves and how that could lead to distrust in police.

“I want to interact with the police more,” Jill McCluskey said. “They have good leadership and they try to communicate better than other universities across departments.”

Stephanie Johnson, veterinary medicine senator, said there are lighting concerns around campus. A parking lot by the veterinary school has a path made of gravel, with a hill and an unsafe sidewalk.

On Stadium Way, the crossings are not well-lit enough for students trying to cross, making it unsafe for drivers and students, she said.