Fair brings people together

Fall Vintage & Handcraft Fair allows community to support local business owners, come together, find holiday gifts for holidays



Carrie Edwards, a Colfax local, presents her flowers and flower arrangements at the Fall 2019 Vintage and Handcraft Fair on Saturday morning at the Beasley Coliseum.

EURUS THACH, Evergreen columnist

Local vendors gathered at the Fall Vintage & Handcraft Fair and presented their products to the community on Friday and Saturday at Beasley Coliseum.

“It’s really about people that put their love and their passion into what they’re making and being able to bring that and share with people,” said SAM’s Apothecary Owner Sam Brown.

This was Brown’s third year at the fair. He said that this event was a chance to learn more about the market and improve his business skills. Moreover, to him, the fair also brought the community members together.

Carrie Edwards, farmer in Colfax, said that in order to fit into the Fall Vintage & Handcraft Fair market, her products could not simply be about fresh flowers. The idea of drying the cut flowers and making timeless bouquets came to her when she was on the farm harvesting them. Edwards decided to display these products for her first time participating in the Fall Vintage & Handcraft Fair.

“[I] meet and see a lot of people I know bump into people and watch other people bump into friends and families. It seems to be a very positive attitude, not only with the people that visit, but also with all the people that are vendors who are very kind and friendly,” Edwards said.

Meeting other vendors is also a fun highlight of the event, said Sharon Weber, owner of Weber Woods and Quilts. Weber took her hobby and turned it into a business, she said. She has participated in the fair for 10 years.

“I always [loved] sewing, and I always [say] that ‘When I retire, I am going to sew.’ And so I did for a while, and my husband came home one day. He said, ‘You know, you are going to find an outlet for this stuff,” Weber said.

The most heartwarming moment of the fair came from the customers who enjoyed her products, she said.

“I knew people and they come by and they tell that, ‘Yes, I bought something last year and I love it,’ and it makes you even feel better,” Weber said.

Emily Ferguson, undeclared freshman and attendee of the event, said that the Fall Vintage & Handcraft Fair was an ideal place to get Christmas presents.

“[There are] So many local businesses are here. It’s time to support them,” Ferguson said.