Student groups to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos Friday

Celebration will include craft projects, dinner, performances and slideshow this Friday



MEChA Representative Carina Gonzalez, left, discusses the meaning of Dia de los Muertos on Oct. 30, 2018 in the CUB.

KAITLYN TEJERO, Evergreen reporter

MEChA de WSU will host its annual Dia De Los Muertos event at 6 p.m. Friday at the Ensminger Pavilion.

Cassandra Lopez, co-chair of the event, said everyone is welcome to join them in the celebration.

“The event is focused on death but also celebrating life. So if anybody wants to do that, it is really up to them,” she said. “We hope people come and learn a little bit, and also remember the people they have lost as well.”

The festivities include a slideshow, cultural performances, arts and crafts and a catered dinner according to the event’s Facebook page.

MEChA welcomes attendees to bring items and pictures of lost loved ones to the community altar on the day of the event.

Co-chair Daizy Camargo said this event will be able to teach people about a new culture.

“Everybody mourns in their own way and this is just how this culture does it,” she said. “It is kind of cool to see different perspectives on things.”

Lopez said this event has been going on for several years, and they will always stick with the same premise to uphold tradition.

“We do it annually, so it’s a big tradition for us,” she said. “We are trying to switch things up and make it [the event] what we see it to be.”

Camargo said MEChA and La Hermandad de o eMe Te have collaborated on the Dia De Los Muertos celebration since 2008.

“The event has grown since then, and now has around 200 people to come around every single time, so it gets pretty busy,” Lopez said.

She said they have been working on the decorations, food, projection and entertainment for about a month.