College Hill parking restricted over break

Limitations cover 10 streets including NE Colorado, NE D Street



KHADIJAH BUTLER, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Police Department issued a news release about parking restrictions on the College Hill during breaks.

Pullman Police Officer Elizabeth Oje said the restrictions were established as snow and maintenance routes by the City Council Board and enforced by the police department. All three extended breaks: fall, winter, spring are included in the city’s street limitations, she said.

From 2-9 a.m. Monday through Friday cars are not allowed to park on the 10 streets located on College Hill. The Pullman Police Department listed all the blocks in the news release on its website.

On Wednesday night over 250 cars received flier reminders of the parking restrictions that will be in place during break, Oje said. The fliers also included other streets that will have the same limitations.

Oje said they will be posting additional fliers on Thursday and Friday night as reminders.

She said she also encourages students to look for the posted signs on streets near campus that reads, “No parking during WSU breaks.” According to state code, one only sign is required per block and it may be located anywhere on that block.

Each block on College Hill contains multiple signs that have the stated ordinance, times and dates the restrictions are enforced, Oje said.

Oje said students that wish to leave their cars over the break should not park on any public streets in Pullman.

“If you leave your car parked without moving for four days it can also be tagged […] and towed if it’s not [moved] after the tag,” she said.

The restrictions are in place so the city streets can be cleaned, they can remove accumulated snow and debris and prevent congestion on narrow streets, Oje said.

Vehicles parked on enforced streets will be ticketed or towed, depending on the tasks that need to be completed on the road, she said. The tickets for violating the time limits will be $40 per day if a vehicle is parked for more than one consecutive day.

Vehicles that are parked in private entry lots or private driveways will still be accessible during the limited times, Oje said.

According to the Pullman Police website, WSU Transportation is providing options for students that need to leave their car over the break. They are encouraged to contact the Transportation office with their student and vehicle information to receive details on where they can park.

She encourages people that park on College Hill outside the restriction times to choose spots that have already been cleared. This will allow workers to clear spots that still have leftover debris or snow, Oje said.

The two tow companies that will handle the tows for cars in restricted parking are Meyers Auto Rebuild and Towing and Autobody Super Center, both of which are in town, Oje said.

“The intent is not to have to tow anyone’s car […] we don’t want to put that financial burden on anybody,” Oje said.

Streets Include:

  • NE Colorado Street from NE D Street to NE Opal Street
  • NE Campus Street from NE Opal Street to NE B Street
  • NE B Street from NE Colorado Street to NE California Street
  • NE California Street from NE B Street to NE Ruby Street
  • NE Maiden Lane from NE Whitman Street to NE Opal Street
  • NE D Street from NE Colorado Street to NE Alpha Road
  • NE C Street from NE Colorado Street to NE Alpha Road
  • NE A Street from NE Colorado Street to California Street
  • Maple Street from Campus to NE Colorado Street
  • NE Linden Street from NE B Street to NE Monroe Street