Whitman County waste station accepts credit cards

Facility accepts basic recycling for free, other waste for small fee



Whitman County’s solid waste transfer station implemented a card machine that allows customers to pay without breaking social distancing rules.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

Whitman County’s solid waste drop-off locations now allow customers to pay with credit and debit cards, according to the waste station’s director. 

David Nails, solid waste and recycling director of Whitman County’s solid waste transfer station, said the addition of a card machine allows customers to pay without breaking social distancing rules outlined during the pandemic.

“We should have had [credit machines] in place a long time ago,” he said.

The transfer stations began accepting self-hauled trash again on May 4, according to its COVID-19 update. People may leave “inert demolition” for a fee, according to the website. This includes materials such as asphalt, concrete and brick. 

People can drop off P1 and P2 plastics, cardboard, aluminum and tin at the station for free. Nails said the recyclables must be clean. 

Nails said recycling alone cost the county $50,000 last year, so he encourages people to recycle responsibly and to only recycle the “basics” for now: cardboard, paper and aluminum. Contaminated recyclables make the process more difficult, Nails said.

The station also takes green waste, such as trees and leaves from yards. The station’s hazardous waste facility accepts common household chemicals, such as pesticides or antifreeze, Nails said.

Businesses or residents wishing to open a regular account at the transfer station may fill out the application here.