WSU Transportation Services launch parking app

New app allows Transportation Services to edit parking prices; search function allows users to find nearby parking



A new app called Aims Mobile Pay, or AMP, is available to students, faculty and visitors parking on campus.

HUNTER ORCUTT, Evergreen reporter

WSU Transportation Services launched a new app students, staff and visitors parking on campus can use. 

The app, Aims Mobile Pay, will be used along with WSU Transportation Services’ current app, Way to Park. The move was spurred by the department’s desire to have easier access to the information on the app, said Cody Wilson, WSU Transportation Services customer service, administration, and marketing outreach manager.

“The old app is still a good app,” Wilson said. 

AMP allows Transportation Services to edit parking prices and available parking times at a moment’s notice, he said. The app cancels the need to use third-party vendors unlike Way to Park, which uses third-party vendors. 

The department hopes the app, which includes a feature allowing users to find nearby parking areas, can help students and visitors, he said.

Transportation Services wanted to use the AMP system since it was in beta testing, he said.

AMP is functioning and available to users, he said, referencing the positive feedback they received.