Political group hosts First Amendment rally in Pullman

Participants gathered for about 90 minutes; no police were present



Activists walk across Reaney Park to join a small group of other activists for a rally supporting First Amendment rights Saturday afternoon.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor

About 20 individuals gathered for a First Amendment rally hosted by the political group Patriot Prayer on Saturday afternoon at Reaney Park. 

Participants gathered to object to the Pullman Police Department’s enforcement of Gov. Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 restrictions, according to the group’s website

The rally lasted for approximately 90 minutes. Individuals socialized, ate, and listened to country music. They did not wear masks or practice social distancing.

Police officers were not present at the rally. 

“We believe in the First Amendment. Masks off. Vote Inslee out,” said a woman with a megaphone at the end of the rally. 

Participants left the park around 2:15 p.m. to caravan in their vehicles on Grand Avenue. Several of the vehicles had American flags and flags supporting President Donald Trump.

Long-distance carpooling has been linked to COVID-19 spreading and is not recommended, said Troy Henderson, director of Whitman County Public Health.

Patriot Prayer is based out of Vancouver, Washington, and is led by Joey Gibson.