Pullman-based salon built on teamwork

LaBella Salon stylists focused on haircuts, hair coloring; continues service despite COVID-19



LaBella Salon owner Heather Meyer created the salon to allow employees to grow in education and offer pristine services to Pullman residents.


The owner of LaBella Salon set out to provide a high-end experience for customers looking for haircuts and coloring services six years ago.

Heather Meyer, LaBella Salon owner, has been styling hair for 30 years. Meyer said although the beauty industry is looked down upon a lot of the time, her team treats their job like a career. The employees study, educate themselves and work hard.

“Before COVID, we were able to have unlimited artists working. We were able to provide a really nice guest experience with hot towels, neck wraps, neck massages, hand massages, hot beverages and fresh baked goods,” Meyer said.

Unfortunately, with COVID-19, LaBella Salon isn’t able to give customers the same amenities it did previously, she said.

“We’re not able to have our lounge anymore, where you could go and relax before and after your appointment,” Meyer said.

Kirstyn Duris is an artist who has worked at LaBella Salon since it opened in September 2016.

Duris worked in western Washington. She said she noticed it was different than working in Pullman because on the west side, customers are just looking for a quick haircut. In Pullman, Duris said she sees her guests more than she sees her family.

“We’re focused on guest experience, and we want everyone to feel welcome at the salon. We want it to be memorable, and we want you to feel pampered and taken care of in our chair,” she said.

She said the salon sets itself apart from others by being team-based, which means all the employees receive the same education. Besides the artist’s individual styles, everyone will give customers a similar guest experience.

Meyer said she looks for aspiring artists who are willing to grow and build a culture of career-driven hairstylists. Artists are all team players and are people who want to provide customers a luxurious experience.

LaBella’s customer base ranges from students to professors to families, Meyer said.

“I have loved working in Pullman,” she said.

LaBella Salon specializes in haircuts and hair coloring. Meyer said she wanted to perfect a couple of services rather than have a big menu for clients.

Unfortunately with COVID-19 overtaking businesses in the last six months, LaBella Salon is taking it day-by-day and employees are grateful for each day they get to work, Meyer said.

“I personally am just wanting to work on personal goals, and I am constantly revamping the salon,” Meyer said.