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One local’s 20-year journey with sewing

Jody Boroughs began to sew when she was just a child. To continue her passion, she opened an Etsy shop, Fly Monkey Fly, to sell handmade bags.

MATAYA SIEMION, Evergreen reporter

September 28, 2020

Jody Boroughs' passion for sewing extends to over two decades. Two years ago, she decided to start up her own online business, Fly Monkey Fly, selling handmade bags. Boroughs’ grandmother sewed around her while she was growing up, but Boroughs did not touch a sewing machine until she was in her e...

Local business owner gets ‘down to the smallest details’

Rya Ramsay decided to start her own jewelry business in 2019 after her search for necklaces with her children’s initials turned up dry.

HANNAH FLORES, Evergreen reporter

September 24, 2020

Prior to launching her shop, Rya Ramsay considered jewelry an afterthought — something to bring an outfit together. A few years later, she is now the sole proprietor of Rya Ramsay’s Designs, an online shop that produces sustainable and minimalistic accessories.  Ramsay said when she made the switch to more sustainable jewelry, she hoped to...

OPINION: What we love about Pullman

There’s so much to appreciate about living in a small town like Pullman.

GRACE LAPIERRE, Evergreen columnist

September 24, 2020

There is a lot to love about Pullman. I enjoy grabbing food or drinks from Popo, spending time under the sound sculpture or wandering around at night. I'll often go for walks with a friend, across campus or through town, to get some exercise in while we talk. Makenna Mullen, junior mechanical engineering...

Pullman-based salon built on teamwork

LaBella Salon owner Heather Meyer created the salon to allow employees to grow in education and offer pristine services to Pullman residents.

ANNIE HAGER, Evergreen reporter

September 24, 2020

The owner of LaBella Salon set out to provide a high-end experience for customers looking for haircuts and coloring services six years ago. Heather Meyer, LaBella Salon owner, has been styling hair for 30 years. Meyer said although the beauty industry is looked down upon a lot of the time, her team ...

Local pub celebrates 111 years

Cameron McKinley fixes a drink behind the bar Wednesday evening at Rico's Pub.

SANDI KOBIESA, Evergreen reporter

September 17, 2020

Over the last 111 years, Rico's Public House has survived devastating events, including the largest stock market crash in U.S. history, and now, the Pullman business is facing a pandemic. Tawny Szumlas, owner of Rico’s, said even though businesses are struggling due to COVID-19, Rico’s histor...

OPINION: Pullman students came back for many reasons

Students came back in large numbers this fall – but the reasons why aren't always so clear.

GRACE LAPIERRE, Evergreen columnist

September 15, 2020

Those of us who came back to Pullman know why we did. Sometimes, though, it is hard not to wonder why someone else returned in spite of the risk, and especially given the university's guidelines. While I had already signed my lease — as had my roommates — before WSU asked students not to come...

Pullman businesses enforce mask mandate

Businesses in Pullman must tell customers to wear a mask before entering indoors. Rico's Public House owner said that the pandemic has negatively impacted their number of sales.

JARED BRADLEY, Evergreen reporter

September 14, 2020

Following Gov. Jay Inslee’s mask mandate, local businesses in Pullman must enforce employees and customers to wear face coverings while indoors. Jacob Barrera, head manager of Tin Tan Tacos, said he has been enforcing the mask mandate and has been giving out disposable gloves for patrons to use w...

Coug parents react to COVID-19 cases

One parent said her student decided to quarantine before coming back to her Pullman apartment, and her roommates will not participate in social gatherings.

ANNIE HAGER, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2020

Before fall began, parents and WSU students had a decision to make: come back to the Pullman campus or stay at home. Due to the rise in confirmed cases in Whitman County, WSU issued a statement warning students they would face disciplinary action if caught gathering in groups with 10 or more people....

New clinic offers subscription rates, confidentiality

Dr. Jones attended medical school at the University of Washington and then came back to the Palouse to practice medicine.

JENAE LAXSON, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2020

A medical clinic recently opened in Pullman and with a different approach to healthcare. Dr. Shaleah Jones is a traditional family physician, she said, but she will not be working with insurance companies. By not working with these companies, she is more free to practice medicine the way she wants,...

Rise of Amazon orders keeps postal workers busy

The Pullman USPS saw an influx of mail to deliver once quarantine hit because people are choosing to shop online over in person.

JARED BRADLEY, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2020

Postage has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the country, especially now that Amazon has become so prevalent during quarantine. In downtown Pullman, what once was the historical United States Post Office building stands taller than all except Evolve. Now, the building is used as a brewery,...

Local gyms adapt to COVID-19

Pullman Crossfit manager Scott Parish said the changing state regulations have been the hardest part of keeping the business open during COVID-19.

JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen reporter

August 27, 2020

Gyms are one of the many Pullman and Moscow businesses reopening as COVID-19 restrictions are drawn back, but with the ever-present worry about the virus, they’ve had to make changes to provide safe environments for fitness. Snap Fitness in Moscow closed for six weeks in March to comply with COVID-1...

Letter to freshmen: Stay connected despite COVID-19

Letter to freshmen: Stay connected despite COVID-19

BRUCE MULMAT, Guest columnist

August 17, 2020

This will be an interesting semester for Cougs everywhere. Obviously, everyone knows that WSU Zoom 2: Electric Boogaloo will make classes more difficult, and it will make labs almost impossible. To all the STEM majors: I give to you my condolences. The best part of school for me was the people....

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