The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

Phillip J. Roundtree was the featured speaker at the Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Community Breakfast. Roundtree discussed his personal relationship with MLK as well as the importance of access to mental health care for communities of color.

‘Black Mental Health Matters’

FRANKIE BEER, Evergreen Photographer January 20, 2022

“Community is what helps sustain us, energetically, as we confront systems of oppression,” guest speaker Phillip J. Roundtree said.   On Saturday Jan. 15, the Latah County Human Rights Task Force...

Results from Pullman Regional Hospitals symptomatic testing will go back to the provider that referred the patients, and a printout will be available for the patients on the following business day at the testing center.

Where to get COVID-19 tested, vaccinated

CALLIE GERBER January 17, 2022

Editor's note: For more information about vaccines and testing in the region, visit Whitman County Public Health's website.  As the omicron variant spreads around the community, here is a list of places...

The bar at Foundry Kitchen & Cocktails on Dec. 7, 2021, in Pullman.

Good eats for grad families


Fall commencement means the inevitable arrival of friends and family coming to support their graduating Cougs. It also means there will be lots of mouths to feed.  In order to help our visiting...

Alex McCollum poses in front of Murrow Hall.

Breaking glass

ALEX MCCOLLUM, Evergreen reporter November 18, 2021

If there was one word I had to pick to describe gay dating in a small town with a big college, it might be “brutal.” To preface, I am well aware that as a young, white, gay man, I can say with...

The Palouse Roots and Nature Explorers programs at the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute started during the pandemic as a way for youth to safely socialize with their peers, while learning about the great outdoors.

Outdoor programs foster growth for Palouse youth

FRANKIE BEER, Evergreen Photographer November 11, 2021

Through their Nature Explorers and Palouse Roots programs, the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute is helping the next generation gain a new appreciation for nature — while helping them develop...

One of the most important rights we have is voting. Are Cougs exercising it?

Students should vote in local elections

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor November 3, 2021

One of the best things about this country is our right to vote. We get to choose our leaders, our representatives and the policies of our local areas. It is an important gift in our society. However,...

Protests on Terrell Mall lack efficacy and only serve as an impediment to students’ daily business. The protests don’t change students’ minds, and though they’re legal, they really have no place on WSU’s campus.

Terrell Mall protests are pointless

TYLER WILEY, Evergreen columnist October 17, 2021

Protests are a mainstay of modern democratic societies, but just because you can speak in public does not mean you always should.   Protests on Glen Terrell Mall have been happening...

Shots were fired early Saturday morning near the 1200 block of NE Myrtle Street.

Eyewitness shares first-hand perspective of College Hill shooting

NICK GIBSON, Evergreen roots editor September 25, 2021

Editor's note: This article has been updated to remove information that can not be verified at this time. As this is is an ongoing investigation, The Daily Evergreen will refer to the eyewitness by his...

Normal temperatures around mid to high 70s will return by the end of the week.

We’re cool for the summer … temporarily, at least

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter August 18, 2021

The worst appears to be over for the Pullman area this summer. High temperatures and hazy conditions will be replaced by cooler weather in the coming days, followed by a return to more average temperatures.  After...

Pullman residents are coming together across the city to demand air conditioning units. No one should have to make do with fans in the boiling heat.

Satire: Recovered from heatwave, Pullman residents riot for change

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen opinion editor July 11, 2021

Pullman has gone up in flames. And how ironic, because we are all finally recovering from the heat wave that just passed through. The young and old alike suffered through unrelenting heat and now from...

City of Pullman to open emergency cooling shelter

City of Pullman to open emergency cooling shelter

MELINA ERNST, Evergreen reporter June 25, 2021

The City of Pullman will open an emergency cooling shelter from June 26 to 29. The shelter will be open from noon to 8 p.m. The shelter is located in the Pullman Senior Center, on the new Pullman City...

Palouse CCL is currently working on a survey to gain a better understanding of community members’ knowledge about climate change their willingness to take action on the issue.

City Council discusses climate change mitigation

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter June 23, 2021

City of Pullman councilmembers discussed the effects of climate change on the Palouse in recent years during their meeting Tuesday evening  Kynan Witters-Hicks, Palouse Citizens Conservations Lobby...

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