Bounce into a ‘juicy’ new workout

SBS Fitness Studio and Juice Bar offers unique exercises designed for all walks of life



Owner Crystal Gayles (left) shows participants how to use the Kangaroo bounce shoes as they warm up for their bounce fitness class on January 22, 2022, at SBS Fitness Studio and Juice Bar.

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor

Crystal Gayles has always wanted to open up her own fitness studio.

Gayles said her dream started 10 years ago, well before her daughter was born. But while juggling motherhood, business investments and then the ongoing pandemic, she was too busy to realize her dream fully. Now, Gayles is the owner of Pullman’s newest spot to exercise: SBS Fitness Studio and Juice Bar.

“I started focusing on myself a little more and thought, now’s a good time to really reinvest in myself and do what I initially wanted to do 10 years ago,” she said.

Located at 405 SE Bishop Blvd., SBS had a soft opening in October 2021, but Gayles said traffic really started picking up this month. 

SBS offers various, unique activities like bungee fitness, pound fitness and bounce fitness, all of which Gayles said are low-impact exercises meant to benefit those who have not worked out in a while or people who may experience physical hindrances. It is designed so even those with limited mobility can participate. 

“I wanted to bring something new, something different, something that’s not offered anywhere else in the area,” Gayles said.

She said the studio also has traditional weights for people to use during the activities for people who want more intensity in their workout.

Almost all of the fitness sessions are taught by Gayles herself, except for the Zumba classes that are led by other instructors on staff. Gayles said she is open to finding instructors who want to use the studio for other activities like boxing or tai chi. 

In addition to an array of fitness programs, SBS is also home to the only juice bar in Pullman. The menu offers fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, açaí bowls, vegan chai pudding and parfaits, as well as a few varietal toasts and crepes. Gayles said the juice bar helps ensure they’re getting the most of the space, even when classes are not occurring. 

“These are to obviously benefit people while they’re working out, to kind of help them get into a healthy routine,” she said.  

SBS also offers tanning services by appointment, which can be made over the phone.

Gayles said the studio has gotten off to a great start. The space itself is a positive environment, and patrons who have participated in classes have not only had fun but continue to return.

“Generally, the people that I’ve had come in, they come back because they like the vibe and the classes that are being offered,” she said. “They really enjoy it.”

Lisa Wood, a local resident, found out about SBS through her Zumba instructor, Yuki Tanaka, who now teaches at the studio. While Wood has only participated in Zumba classes, she said the business has helped her establish a healthy workout routine.

Gayles said she hopes the local residents will stay on track and be motivated to live a healthier lifestyle by providing these classes. She would love more WSU students to attend her classes to try something different and new.

“Maybe finals week, when everybody’s stressed, [students] can come for 30, 40 minutes and take a class and just relieve all that stress when the time comes,” she said. “Not even during finals week — any time you’re stressed, to be honest.”