Commercialization Gap Fund awarded to WSU researchers

Recipient Kuen-Ren “Roland” Chen is developing microneedle technology to help treat eye-related diseases



Nine WSU researchers received funding from the Commercialization Gap Fund to help their projects make an economic impact.

ABBY SONNICHSEN, Evergreen Photographer

The Commercialization Gap Fund awarded funding to WSU scientist, Kuen-Ren “Roland” Chen, for developing an improved method for treating age-related eye diseases. 

Chen, an assistant professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, is developing a method that helps reduce the frequency of intravitreal injections needed to treat macular degeneration and other age-related eye diseases. His project was one of nine that received funding from the CGF at WSU, according to a WSU Insider article.

Researchers are awarded up to $40,000 to help their projects make an economic impact, according to the article. 

The CGF was re-established in 2014 and has awarded more than $3.09 million, funding over 70 projects. The projects that are funded have high market potential and societal impact, according to the article.