The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

WSU Pullman and Vancouver welcome new buildings to their campuses.

Facilities Services makes way for new buildings

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor January 10, 2022

WSU will remodel or start construction on several buildings to make room for new research facilities and other educational spaces this year.  Builders broke ground in November for a new life sciences...

Arin Mitchell, second-year doctoral student in the College of Arts and Sciences, discussed how the theory of desserts is problematic.

InQueery Symposium speakers discuss intersectionality in feminism

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter November 17, 2021

A guest speaker and a WSU doctoral student spoke Tuesday night about feminism and oppression during the fourth annual InQueery Symposium hosted by the WSU Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation...

Maintenance rooms containing a risk of asbestos exposure are marked with proper signage.

Asbestos on campus: Present but not immediate danger

ALEX MCCOLLUM, Evergreen reporter November 17, 2021

Most buildings on campus built between World War II and the 1970s contain asbestos, a harmful mineral. Floor tile and pipe insulation are the most common places asbestos is located, said Matthew McKibbin,...

Undergraduate students of all majors who are participating in mentored research can apply for seven different fellowship awards.

Undergraduate research fellowship applications open

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter November 15, 2021

WSU students taking part in mentored research have until Jan. 21 to apply for undergraduate research fellowships for the 2022-23 academic year.  The application opened Nov. 1 and is available to students...

Temperatures will drop throughout the week starting Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Pullman to get a wet winter

SAM TAYLOR, Evergreen reporter October 19, 2021

Residents in Pullman may be seeing a wet winter in the coming months.  Lower temperatures have been flowing into the region because of La Niña, which is a condition where ocean temperatures are...

CAPS sees roughly 2,000 students every year, or 10 percent of WSU Pullman’s student population.

Psychology Clinic, CAPS work with community to improve mental health

ALEX MCCOLLUM, Evergreen reporter September 14, 2021

The WSU Psychology Clinic and Counseling and Psychological Services offer many mental health resources to students and members of the community. CAPS sees roughly 2,000 students every year, or 10 percent...

Stop Animal Explotation Now routinely obtains reports from the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare concerning the use and treatment of research animals at every registered research facility in the U.S.

Watchdog organization alleges WSU research staff fabricated data, overdosed animals, violated protocols

MELINA ERNST, Evergreen reporter July 13, 2021

An Ohio-based watchdog organization, Stop Animal Exploitation Now, called on WSU President Kirk Schulz to launch a full investigation into the university's animal research programs in a letter sent to...

Biofilm granules like the ones pictured here contain extracellular polymeric substances that act as glue to hold bacteria — and soil — together.

Researchers strengthen soil using environmentally-friendly bacterial ‘glue’

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor July 13, 2021

Slimy layers of bacteria called biofilms can act as an environmentally-friendly glue to improve the strength of soil, according to a WSU study published in the journal Biofilm.  Biofilms occur when...

People should drink plenty of water and eat iron rich foods before donating blood.

Science Explained: Why is donating blood important?

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor July 8, 2021

If you have ever donated blood, you may have wondered where it goes once it leaves your body. Blood makes a lot of stops before going to a recipient. First, it goes to a regional center where it is...

Joanna Kelley collected blood serum samples from both active and hibernating bears at the WSU Bear Center to measure levels of protein expression.

WSU researchers find bear proteins may be key to human diabetes treatment

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor July 6, 2021

WSU researchers are investigating eight proteins that may be natural cues for insulin resistance in bears, which could provide new insight into human diabetes. Bears are sensitive to insulin during...

This image, which appears in the study manuscript, shows the physical differences between freshwater and toxin-adapted Atlantic molly. Toxin-adapted fish have larger heads and gills as adaptations to the oxygen-deficient water.

Study finds epigenetic modifications last multiple generations in toxin-adapted fish

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor July 1, 2021

WSU researchers found in a study that epigenetic modifications for fish living in toxic hydrogen sulfide-rich water can last for two generations after being moved to fresh water.  DNA itself — through...

Shuo Feng, pictured here, is studying lithium sulfur batteries as a replacement for traditional rechargeable batteries.

One challenge after another: creating lithium-sulfur rechargeable batteries

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor June 22, 2021

WSU alum Shuo Feng is developing lithium-sulfur rechargeable batteries, which could replace traditional lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars, allowing them to drive farther on a single charge.  Feng...

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