The Pullman Collective brings energy at third concert

WSU student music group performed hip hop tracks at Saturday night concert



The Pullman Collective brought energy to their Saturday night concert in Jackson Hall Studio A.

LIAM CONNORS, Deputy news editor

On Saturday evening, Cable 8 Productions hosted The Pullman Collective for their third live concert, and second at Jackson Hall Studio A.

The Pullman Collective is a hip-hop music group comprised of four WSU students: seniors Sam Coulon, John Glenn, Zach Settle and Vasili Varlamos. The group first started collaborating at the end of their freshman year of college.

Saturday’s concert featured every member aside from Glenn. They started the show with a newly-released solo track from Settle titled “To Be a Man,” then went into the group’s setlist.

“Personally, I still get a little nervous before going on stage, but once we finally get into the show the nerves usually go away,” Settle said. 

Coulon and Varlamos said that depending on the event, there can be feelings of nerves, but they get more and more comfortable with each new live show.

The group said they had a lot of fun with Saturday’s show and loved the energy the crowd provided.

“It’s our first time performing since the first SEB concert and we just try to bring energy every time we perform, whether it’s 50 people or 350 people,” Varlamos said.

Allie Perez, freshman public relations major, and Shy Pier, sophomore elementary education major, said they originally heard about the event from the Wazzu Record Room Instagram page, with Perez having already attended the group’s first concert.

Perez and Pier said they were both impressed with the group’s versatility and are excited to see what they have in store.

“The energy was really great, the band was incredible and the fog machine and effects were really well done, and it really made you feel a lot more involved in the show,” Perez said.

Coulon and Settle said they both have new solo projects in store, with Coulon’s first solo album being released in the near future. Varlamos is also a part of another hip-hop group, 49th Parallel, he said.

Senior Zach Settle opened the show with his solo track, “To Be A Man,” before the group launched into their setlist.

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Colleen Hill, Wazzu Record Room director, ended the show by thanking her staff and everyone that came out to watch. She said the show took around three weeks to produce and she was really appreciative of the staff’s hard work.

Hill was recently promoted to Cable 8 president and passed on her position of Record Room director to then-Assistant Director Mason Bakke.

“I’m excited for next year and have a lot of really fun plans. And thank you to The Pullman Collective for coming out. They’re a great group of artists and guys,” Bakke said.

Record Room Producer Jo Wyler said that the show will be posted on Cable 8’s YouTube channel as a special episode. 

The Record Room will host another concert featuring two bands, Taxi and Pumice Pocket, at 5 p.m., April 8.