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OPINION: Create art to improve mental health

Making and creating art helps with anxiety, and provides a productive outlet for mental health issues.

LAUREN PETTIT, Evergreen columnist

October 20, 2020

With the condition of the world these past few months, it has been difficult for many to get through the stress of day-to-day life. Many people that already struggle with their mental health might be having it worse lately. One of the most satisfying and rewarding things that can be done at any time...

Activist talks about impact Black people with disabilities have on music, art during virtual event

“Black disabled people have always been around,” said Leroy Moore, activist and founder of Krip-Hop Nation.

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter

October 15, 2020

Black people with disabilities have been discriminated against long before the days of slavery. Slaves were sold individually, unless they had a physical restriction, like a severed arm, said Leroy Moore, activist and founder of Krip-Hop Nation, during the Access Center’s virtual Speaker Series o...

OPINION: Eddie Van Halen was a rock icon

Eddie Van Halen rewrote the rules of rock and served as an icon and role model to generations of musicians.

JOEY FRANKLIN, Evergreen columnist

October 13, 2020

One of my earliest memories regarding music was the lyric “You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real.” I had no idea what song it was from and did not care; it was a fun line to sing for the 4-year-old iteration of myself. I later came to realize it was from the song “Jump”...

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