Bite of the Palouse: The Land is a must try

This neighborhood staple hits everything on the checklist



Most of everything is good but the chicken sandwich is the go-to

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

If you like good food, an inviting atmosphere and delicious drinks, then you are in good company. There is nothing like a margarita on a hot summer night, or some delicious fries coated from stem to stern in fry sauce.

If those things apply to you, The Land should be your next stop any day of the week. I am serious, put down your smartphone or computer and go to The Land immediately. You can read this article while enjoying some delicious food.

The Land is located in the midst of Apartmentland, hence its name, right next to Coug Mart. This is a classic case of not judging a book by its cover. While not the most appealing, especially due to the limited parking, you will be extremely glad you went in.

Soon after you seat yourself, either inside or outside, one of the servers will be around to take your order. The staff is pleasant to deal with and knows just the right times to come to your table for a refill or to deliver the check. It is always a good sign when the serving staff recognizes you and smiles rather than running away.

Now, this step is important: choosing what food you want.

Some people might tell you that the loaded fries, corn dogs or other items among the wide variety on the menu are the way to go, but they are dead wrong. While you will not be disappointed by anything you order, their chicken sandwich is their claim to fame. The sandwich comes with a good serving of fries and is served either spicy or normal.

There is a reason I keep coming back to The Land and it certainly is not the Diet Coke.

I still do not understand how they are able to do it, but the chicken sandwich is perfectly crisp while also being juicy. A great pairing with the toppings and sauce that comes with it. The spicy variation does not pull its punches either and is the perfect amount to satisfy or even have some as leftovers.

The fries keep up with their entrée companions, deliciously seasoned and cooked well enough to be crisp without being burnt. These fries are good enough to stand on their own but you will want to dunk them into The Land’s fry sauce. Do not be afraid to get one or two more cups to go with it.

Between a choice of pork, chicken or mushroom, there is something for everyone. That is not all The Land offers, though. Tuesdays tend to be an exciting night for food in Pullman and this spot is no different, offering cheap and delicious tacos and half-priced margaritas.

The best deal is to get the taco box, which includes six tacos of your choice and a side of fries. It is the perfect amount of food to fill you up without making you feel exhausted after eating the meal. Having a few strawberry flavored double margaritas helps of course.

The rest of the drink menu does not slouch, offering well-made drinks at reasonable prices for the Palouse.

Put that all together and you have a restaurant that is more than worth the visit. But The Land is still coming back for more. Equipped with a handful of pool tables and dartboards, along with music being played at a loud but comfortable volume means that you will never be bored there.

The price is reasonable and certainly affordable for eating out with your friends. While I would like to say you could probably not make it a weekly thing, the quality of food and welcoming atmosphere makes that a tricky proposition.

Whether you want some delicious food, to get drinks with friends or just play a game of pool, The Land has something for everyone. Open seven days a week, there is barely any excuse to not go try it out.