Movie Review: Theatre creates full experience for ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ viewing

Film lived up to hype, drama preceding release



The Pullman theatre is a great place to watch the acting talents of Harry Styles and Florence Pugh on the big screen.

ANNABELLE PEPIN, Evergreen columnist

As if Harry Styles could get any more talented, he then plays the lead actor in Olivia Wilde’s psychological thriller, “Don’t Worry Darling.” 

I can always be convinced to watch a movie that will make me reflect on my own life, but this movie made me question everything. 

“My friends and I have a tradition to see most of the new movies that come out in the Pullman movie theater. I never fall for psychological thrillers because of how many movies I go to, so I definitely recommend it,” said junior elementary education major Abby Hays.

Living in the 50s in a cookie-cutter neighborhood with perfect friends and having Styles for a husband is the dream life of Florence Pugh’s character, Alice Chambers.

But, when she begins to pick up on the slight errors in the world she is living in, the audience questions everything alongside Alice. 

Chris Pine’s character, Frank, founded “The Victory Project,” which was portrayed as the work that the men do, but was later revealed to be much more of a threat than the alleged career. 

The only rule that the women in the society live by is they agreed to never leave the borders of the town, so when Alice does, unwanted secrets are revealed. 

Alice feels as if she is going crazy, and with the mixture of the audience feeling her emotions, along with the repetition of scenes, they feel the same way as her by the end of the movie – or at least I did.

The most subtle things are repeated over and over again. For example, when Alice gets outside of the border of the town, the scene of her on top of the headquarters building ends up resurfacing multiple times and further emphasizes the mind-blowing reveal at the end of the film. 

When people say you need to watch every minute of a movie, that is beyond accurate. That is why Pullman Cinema is such an underrated place to watch movies. 

Sophomore nursing major Cailin Komar said, “The theater has a really good environment and the workers are super nice and they bring your food to the seats if you order it.” 

Having food delivered straight to your seat is the perfect amenity for a movie like this, which requires so much attention to detail. 

Overall, the movie was very interesting, but the drama that coincided with it was distracting for many of the viewers. 

In case you missed the drama that swept over the popular-culture side of Twitter, there is a lot to unpack

Considering the movie is partially set in a utopian 50s town, misogynistic standards would have been the norm. Wilde allegedly wanted to market the film with these standards in mind.

Pugh openly discussed how uncomfortable she felt with the hypersexuality of her character and how it relates to the professionalism of her career. 

There were many more layers to the drama, but the backtracking of the progression of positive female roles in the industry compromises future success. 

Without spoiling too much, prepare to have an out-of-body experience while watching the film. I recommend it to all the Harry Styles and Florence Pugh fans out there, because aside from the drama and the controversy behind Wilde, the talent in the film is truly admirable. 

To get the full experience, make sure to watch “Don’t Worry Darling” in the comfort and magnificence of your local cinema!