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U.S. responses to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine have continued to antagonize tension within our country about who is at fault for ongoing violence.

Letter to the Editor: U.S. complicit in Israel-Palestine conflict

NANCY STREET, Contributor June 21, 2021

Where did the mainstream media report the major atrocities taking place in Israel and occupied Gaza? Of course, we heard about the bombing and destruction of the building housing Associated...

Intersectionality refers to the intersections between our many social identities.

Normalizing intersectionality only way to facilitate lasting social change

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 21, 2021

In the month of June, Americans observe two major celebrations of victories for social justice. The first is Pride month, the month-long celebration of queer liberation that commemorates the Stonewall...

The goal of inclusive language is ensuring that as many people as possible feel seen and validated in everyday life.

Inclusive language important to show respect for all people

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 18, 2021

On Mother’s Day last month, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted a photo wishing everyone a “Happy Birthing People’s Day,” mocking a push for widespread gender-neutral language among progressives.  Cruz...

Folded over or under? The most divisive argument of the century is which way the toilet paper roll is supposed to face.

SATIRE: Opposing opinions lead to divorce for some, hilarity for others

GRACE LAPIERRE June 14, 2021

People have opinions on almost everything. This is great for the existence of an opinion section in a newspaper, but all in all, can be a pain. People can argue over the dumbest stuff, like that blue and...

Our university is writing students a check for financial failure that we do not know how to read — because we have not been taught.

WSU should provide UCORE classes that prepare students for post-graduate financial success

MEGHAN HENRY June 14, 2021

Many students at WSU graduate with memories and a community unlike any other university alumni. However, some students argue that our education is not fully preparing us for day-to-day life after graduation. Paying...

WSU has shown some steps toward perpetuating diversity and inclusion on campus. There is, however, much more to be done so that all faculty and students feel represented and welcome.

Colleges, corporations have long way to go to adequately represent LGBTQ+ community

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 11, 2021

Pride Month has arrived, which means a month of gleeful parades, education on queer history and celebrating queer people’s right to exist and love as they are. With that, however, also comes a bombardment...

Whether it requires sending a dozen emails or standing in front of the CUB with a sign to attract interviewees, columnists will do whatever it takes to get interviews.

SATIRE: Columnists turned people-fishers in hopes of catching interviews

GRACE LAPIERRE June 11, 2021

I love my job because I love to write. There are, however, some aspects of it that do not exactly play nice with my other preferences. I loathe hunting for interviews. You reach out and then you wait,...

Though we may feel stuck in our dorms and residence halls, RAs and administrators are working hard to help us feel connected.

Life on campus is what you make of it, even during pandemic

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 7, 2021

Ever since our lives were interrupted by COVID-19 over a year ago, it feels like there is so much out of our control. From our health to our finances to our academics, much of the past year has been...

Though animation was created to make customer service more helpful, in reality, it makes the experience more stressful.

SATIRE: Automation in customer service is not making things more efficient


Robots are much better workers than humans. After all, they never need to take bathroom breaks, eat or sleep. If there was no need for these things, nor a need to pay employees a living wage, corporations...

The traditional and modern buildings of campus mix well, creating an unexpectedly-enchanting look.

Distinct feel of Pullman campus is traditional, yet still enchanting


I understand quite little about TikTok. I have heard about the aesthetics that have popped up like cottagecore and have always been familiar with other aesthetics such as “vintage-inspired” and grunge. Pullman...

Mysterious creatures might be hiding in plain sight on WSU Pullman's campus.

SATIRE: Mascots tend to be a friendly presence, but what is really under the mask?


Mascots are weird. From Syracuse University’s Otto the Orange, Miami Heat’s Burnie, who has allegedly been sued more than once, or King Cake Baby in New Orleans, to the strange yam ninja Jinenga of...

Not only should we see more representation of the AAPI community in film and media, but we should be learning about how to encourage and support representation for minorities in the correct way.

Accurate Asian American, Pacific Islander representation in film is vital

MEGHAN HENRY May 28, 2021

Representation of minority groups in media and film has often been a major topic in conversations about oppression and civil rights. After the horrifying and widely-covered attacks on Asians, Asian...

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