Encouraging community to stay active during summer

Residents are urged to run over 26 miles in an entire month



Participants who complete the Walk/Run a Marathon will recieve a T-shirt from Pullman Parks and Recreation.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Parks and Recreation offers several opportunities each year for residents to get the experience of running a marathon without having to take months for preparation.

Residents are invited to participate in the Walk/Run a Marathon in which they track their progression over the entire month of July. If they walk, jog or run 26.2 miles throughout the month, they receive a T-shirt for completing the feat.

Recreation Supervisor Megan Vining oversees several Parks and Recreation marathons each year. Vining said she loves the opportunity for exercise and fitness Walk/Run a Marathons give s without the huge task of completing a marathon in one day.

“It gets people active and encourages them to start their fitness journeys’ and maybe sign up for a 5K or half-marathon themselves,” she said.

Families are encouraged to participate in the marathon and track their progress together, Vining said.

“Both adults and kids should be more active and a marathon like this over the summer is a great way to be just that,” she said.

The Palouse area is full of hiking and running trails and participants in the Walk/Run a Marathon are given a map of the area to take advantage of them.

Vining said she believes the incentive of receiving a T-shirt for completing the marathon offers a sense of satisfaction and makes the activity more fun.

“For people who are just starting their fitness journey,” Vining said, “the Walk/Run a Marathon lets them go at their own pace and be proud of themselves once they’ve completed the 26.2 miles.”

Participants can sign up for the Parks and Recreation Walk/Run a Marathon online at pullmanparksandrec.com, by phone or at the Pioneer Center throughout the month of July. The deadline to complete the 26.2 miles is Aug. 6. The sign-up fee is $15 for residents and $17 for non-residents.

“It’s a great family activity that teaches people about the trails and parks in the area and encourages everyone to get active,” Vining said. “Some people go above and beyond and go extra miles and it’s so rewarding to see the community bettering themselves.”