Festive accessories dress up last minute costume ideas

Take advantage of makeup, hair, coloring tricks to spook up quick holiday outfits



Dark lips and intense eyes add a sense of confusion, making this look an easy way to spook your friends.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen reporter

The scariest part of Halloween is finding the perfect last-minute costume.

But have no fear. With a bit of creativity and a few key pieces, anyone can put together something perfect for that last-minute costume contest or spooky supper.

Sunken-in cheeks, overly pale skin and dark or odd colored lips confuse the eye — and confusion is scary. These are the tricks to rely on when time is of the essence.

“Sunken-in makeup looks scary because it’s more realistic and it’s harder to tell if you’re actually starving or not getting enough sleep,” said Jada Cortese, makeup specialist at Safari Pearl in Moscow. “The scariest things are what’s relatable and what we think could actually happen to us.”

Makeup adds mood to a Halloween costume, even if the look is simple. With the use of a gray eye shadow and a red liquid lipstick, anyone can go from their glowing self to a bloody mess in minutes.

“It’s so easy to just make a costume out of a creepy makeup look, a white T-shirt and some fake blood,” Cortese said. “And you don’t even need to know how to do makeup to make it creepy. It’s really hard to mess up a scary look with the right tools.”

It’s a good idea to pick out pieces separately before choosing a theme to give yourself variety. Some clothing pieces and accessories are simply spookier than others, and these are the pieces to choose when throwing a costume together an hour before a party.

Dark colors are associated with mourning, death and evil in many cultures. They make for the perfect Halloween palette. Long sleeves and high collars add another level of creepy.

Scary accessories and a great hairdo can bring a whole look together. Hand lotion is a great replacement for hair gel to get that creepy slicked-back look many villains obtain with their natural grease. A good pair of colored contacts can also go incredibly far in a makeup look, Cortese said. A solid black or white contact lens can enhance any look and make it far more terrifying.

Large pieces of jewelry can add a level of mystery. By hitting up a secondhand store, you can find a chunky pair of earrings or the perfect thick choker to make people believe you really are a witch or whatever else your spooky heart desires.

The most important component, however, is confidence. All great villains know what they want and what they’re willing to do to get it. Wearing items that give you confidence — a pair of boots or a favorite skirt — even if they aren’t traditionally evil or spooky will help project your creepy vibe onto your friends and foes and have them running away in terror.