Allow medicinal cannabis on school grounds, with additional treatment

Prescribed medical marijuana should be legal on campus, criteria for prescription should expand



Marijuana on campus should be more tolerated, but other treatments should be available.

AMAR JOSHI, Evergreen columnist

Editor’s note: A source in this column was not represented accurately and their quotes have been removed from the story. 

Medical marijuana, whether prescription or self-medication, is frequently used in the WSU community. People find it beneficial and with some simple cognitive behavior therapy its evident this substance helps with many psychological issues.

Anxiety and depression are common problems for many college students. Those who self-medicate often report using it to relieve some kind of ailment, whether physical or psychological in nature.

The bill proposed by Rep. Brian Blake to allow medical cannabis’ use on campus only makes sense. Medical marijuana has found a place as a crucial treatment for crippling diseases like epilepsy, anorexia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Marijuana, like any medicine, should be allowed on school grounds for medicinal purposes. But if the proposal for medical cannabis’ use on campus is approved, it would only allow its use under strict parameters.

This would leave out most of those who report using it for psychological issues outside of these limits.

The parameters of what is considered medicinal use are due for an expansion. These mental health issues should qualify for legal medical marijuana usage, as it evidently provides a great deal of benefit for people with these issues.

People use cannabis for some of the most common mental issues of young people college-aged and older. These people may have chosen cannabis over actual medical treatment for their condition or medical cannabis could’ve even been prescribed to them.

Marijuana treats many problems in the short term and helps people cope with difficult circumstances, but it isn’t a perfect or even permanent solution to mental health issues.

Cannabis may appear to some as a somewhat mystical cure to ailments, but in the end it is still a drug that people can abuse and become addicted to. People have known that for as long as it has existed and must choose to limit themselves.

Cannabis users should be responsible and understand that it is only a temporary aid. Persistent use leads to long-lasting consequences if not supported with genuine, comprehensive human support.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the firm and long term step everyone should consider if they feel they need help with mental health. Cannabis can definitely help in the short term, but it can’t support someone entirely.

The best way to support yourself if you have mental health or some kind of issue is to get someone to support you. People are trained to understand your way of thinking and help you turn it around to a point where maybe you don’t even need cannabis.

Those who need support can get it from human help, but many issues people have rely on marijuana to back them up. This proposal would allow people struggling through hard times to use a natural medication that really helps them.