Discovering new worlds, taking up new challenges

Hannah Welzbacker was given a chance to explore thanks to WSU and The Daily Evergreen.


Hannah Welzbacker was given a chance to explore thanks to WSU and The Daily Evergreen.

HANNAH WELZBACKER, Evergreen reporter

Before joining The Daily Evergreen, I was completely unaware how many buildings WSU has on its Pullman Campus.

This seems like a silly statement, but I was also unaware of how many amazing and talented people worked in those hidden buildings.

Writing for The Daily Evergreen, I have had the pleasure of meeting researchers, activists, local business owners, talented students and more.

Looking back on the past four years, I have realized that every single source has inspired me in some way, inspired me to be more courageous, more curious, and more of a problem solver.

In the upcoming fall, I will start my new journey at the University of Montana as part of its Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism program.

I am scared to venture out of my home state. However, I also know that I am prepared for a new challenge.

Working at The Daily Evergreen has provided me with a family and a fantastic glimpse into the world of journalism. Students working at the Evergreen spend almost 24/7 trying to provide the students and community of WSU with the most updated and accurate news. They are the last ones to leave campus and the first to arrive.

I want to thank all of the news editors over the years for encouraging me to grow and develop as a reporter. I have met the most caring and supportive people here.

I want to thank my parents for their continued love and encouragement, constantly reminding me that I am on the right path.

WSU holds my favorite people, my favorite places and my favorite professors. You have all helped to give me a family and a home for the past four years.

As my final chapter comes to a close at WSU, I am excited that Montana will also have plenty of hidden buildings to explore.