‘The work we do here serves a higher purpose, and that is Pullman’

The fall semester’s managing editor aims to assist the community, believes the Evergreen’s duty is to Pullman above all else



Managing Editor Jacqui Thomasson works in the Evergreen newsroom during the last summer production on August 11, taking on her new role for the first time. She will edit and lay out page two every day through December.

JACQUI THOMASSON, Evergreen chief layout editor

After spending my summer in the land of traffic (read: Southern California) I am finally back in Pullman surrounded by my beloved wheat fields.

As the managing editor for The Daily Evergreen, I am here to serve you. With that, of course, comes many evenings in the Evergreen newsroom. I watch the people around me work tirelessly to put the newspaper together.

The Evergreen newsroom, in the basement of Murrow Hall, is home. There is a sign warning of a known asbestos hazard in the stairway around the corner, and sanitizing becomes a necessity during cold season because of close quarters, but it is home nonetheless.

Former-deputy photo editor Jacqui Thomasson is the managing editor for The Daily Evergreen this fall semester.

Overall, I want to reinforce the fact that we work for the community. The work we do here serves a higher purpose, and that is Pullman.

We have the special privilege of being a hyper-local paper. Football games? We are there. WSU researchers discover something ground-breaking? We are there. New restaurant opens up in town? We are there, too.

“The student voice of Washington State University since 1895.” This mantra, time and again, appears at the top of the first page of our newspaper. Our eyes and ears are peeled in search of stories to best serve you.

We do our best to deliver timely, relevant and accurate stories. Inevitably, though, occasional errors will slip through.

We are students. Many of us major in English, creative writing or journalism and are working to gain the necessary experience for careers after college.

We have set up an intricate system to check both ourselves and one another. I cannot promise we’ll never make a mistake, but I can promise we will do our best to avoid them in the first place and make it right if we do mess up.

Another point of pride for those of us working here is that we still print five days a week. We fight hard to maintain that and would not give it up for the world. Regardless of what you might have heard, daily news reporting remains as important as ever.

You may have heard that “print is dying.” It’s true that more content is shifting to online, but our core mission remains the same.

In an increasingly digital and visual world, my aim is to steer our newspaper toward a new age that allows you to not only read stories but engage with them more than ever through our online content.

I want you as readers to feel that you can contribute, and to bring you stories that are important to you.

With that, I’m going to say it one last time. Our job is to cover what happens in the community and better serve you. So feel free to slide into our DMs, Pullman — or just submit a formal news tip.